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Depending on what country you're based, mobile phones are also called cell phones (USA), handset, cellular phone OR hand phone, they are an important if not vital part of our lives.  They are a source of many kinds of information, applications and functions.

5G is hereWhen is it coming?

The question is: how personal is your Mobile Phone to you?  When, where and how did you get your Mobile handset? What phone did you get and why did you get that one? Out of all the Mobile Phones out there today?

Mobile Array

Mobile Phones more than just for communication, what does it mean to you?

Sorry for all the above questions, but we are just trying to encapsulate and provoke what this site is all about, anything in connection or to do with Mobiles, this site wants to be all over it like white on rice for you, its about people and there Phones, what it really means to them, the issues (and the unaware issues) that arise from ownership, its about Mobile Phone lovers and enthusiasts coming together on this website, to help others and be helped in any way shape or form.

Please Tell Us About Your Mobile Phone?

Do you Love The Mobile Phone you have at the moment or do you just have it simply to serve a purpose? So if you could have any Mobile, which one would it be and why? You have the Mobile because you're a fan and follower of the Mobile Phone or Brand....Why? But overall whats the best mobile ever IN YOUR OPINION AND WHY?

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iPhone XS 
ho avuto diversi modelli di smartphones, dal samsung all'apple e devo dire che il miglior smartphone che io abbia mai avuto è l'iphone XS. penso sia il …

Huawei P8 lite 
To be honest it was not what I wanted in the first place, but it surprised me a lot. I am absolutely happy with it. I have the feeling that I got the …

iPhone SE 
Hey, it’s Cyrus - Cyrus Josep @ Gmail - and I have to say I’m still feeling the iPhone I bought last year. After so much usage the battery life isn’t …

Note 8 Samsung 
Love this phone. Fast, reliable and large screen for media viewing. Only downside is one handed use is limited. Would recommend to anyone.

I'm keeping to samsung 
I am quite attached to my s5. Easy to use and navigate. It's functions are straight forward and where I get stuck a site like this would calm my frustration. …

iPhone 7 
I like the battery life and the nice camera for this iPhone. The battery life last forever compared to other iPhones made before but I don't really like …

iPhone 6 Plus.. The big apple in small hands 
My name is Elena and I am from Malta, at the moment I'm having a nice holiday break in london, one thing has really completed me on this holiday and that …

Samsung S5 is my phone 
My name is Selina (and please don't call me Gomez) and I use the Samsung Galaxy S5 mainly cus of the big screen and all-in-one camera. I have had my …

I love my iPhone 5S, except... it is already starting to irritate me. The issues: Battery - I find that the charge no longer lasts as much as it …

My Über Intelligent Phone (Sony Xperia M2) 😍😋 
I love my SONY ! I must confess that it was not love at first sight after purchasing, why? Same week went back to the shop to return the phone because …

My Galaxy Note 5 is just an Awesome phone 
I love my phone functions.I can do most of my daily chore and work on phone without use of desktop and laptops. Mobile make world easy and fun to …

iPhone 6 
I love my I-phone 6. It has lot of great features: nice pictures and can FaceTime with my friends all over the world . And user friendly as well. And best …

I love the note 3 
I really like my phone because of the wide screen and display as well as the very user friendly. I have a Samsung note 3, very easy to use and it makes …

Phone Efficiency 
I use my phone mostly to text message private clients for appointments. Due to Data Protection Act I am reluctant to save my clients' phone numbers on …

My phone is bae 
I love my phone. I use the "Samsung Galaxy Pocket" I don't need a computer when I have my phone because I can perform most tasks on it. I download class …

My iPhone 6s Plus 
I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus from the iPhone 6 because of it's size - Having a bigger screen it's easier to use the apps and better for watching …

I us the LG G3 Mini.. 
I'm Vid from Slovenia, first of l love the size of the screen on my phone, great for watching movies and stuff as the screen is super clair indeed, one …

Google Pixel XL Not rated yet
Hi I bought Google Pixel XL on contract with EE for 60 quid a month with 0 upfront 128GB ram and unlimited UK calls texts and 25 GB data. I replaced …

iPhone4, old but a classic Not rated yet
I love my iPhone4, alley of all these years. It was a gift of some years ago. It would still be perfect. Internet, it make calls, texts, whazzup. The only …

Me robaron mi celular, pero consegui un Sony Z3 Not rated yet
Samsung era un gran celular, era rapida y segura. El unico problema (al igual que otros smartphones) la bateria caía muy rapido. Usualmente no podia usarlo …

My Vodafone Smart Prime 6 Not rated yet
Went for Vodafone cus I get rewards and supermarket points, however my phone has had a virus infection, as porn keeps popping up on my mobile, it may be …

Huawei Ascend-Y550 The cheapest phone that can't be broken Not rated yet
My name is Cristina, I'm a chemical engineer from Argentina and I have an Huawei Ascend Y550. I bought it in Chile last year. I've heard about this …

Tecno Y2 Not rated yet
The phone is good it's not that bad, i have used a lot of phones but this one is better, just gives me what I need. I really am a princess by the way …

I use the iPhone 5Cheap...sorry I mean 5C Not rated yet
Hello all my name is Jan from Slovenia.. I've had my 5c for three years now and it's still going strong, I feel it's a lot more better than a Samsung actually, …

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My former phone belonged in a museum. ......but now....... Not rated yet
I have an iPhone 5. Was given to me second hand for when I travelled overseas. It has made my travel experience so much easier. It has been my GPS, my …

I use a Samsung Galaxy A3....... Just like the car👌 Not rated yet
I was looking for a phone, because my old phone was working too slowly after loading up a few Apps, so I was looking for something more powerful (my old …

hi! I m Choi and and I use a Samsung Galaxy S6 Not rated yet
Im totally satisfied with my phone. Quite reasonably priced, strong, common to people. But I would chose an iPhone 5S because my laptop is a MacBook …

BQ AQUARIS E4.5 Mobile Gives Me All I Need Not rated yet
Hello my name is Lluis and I am a proud Catalonian. I bought my BQ Mobile (Spanish brand) in Spain after a bad Samsung experience like terrible battery, …

Honor Holly mobile for everyone Not rated yet
My phone is still working even after many hittings to the hard floor. Good camera and Android easy to use.. It's not the best phone though, but does …

I love my iPhone 6 Plus  Not rated yet
The reason why I love this iPhone 6 Plus is that the phone is very versatile and has plenty of features. The phones functionality can not be limited. Thanks …

My HTC Desire 👁 Not rated yet
Hello my name is Anna before I had my HTC Desire 👁 I had a SONY EXPERIA CONPACT Z3 for almost a year. I was abit disappointed with the phone because …

I Love My Gold iPhone 6 Plus Not rated yet
I had a Microsoft Lumia before I got my iPhone 6P because I wanted to be up to date, but I got the 6plus mainly cus of the big screen as I love to take …

Love Pink accessories with my iPhone 5s . Not rated yet
My favarite colour is HOT PINK and I like to express this with my Mobile and my nails 💅🏿📲 🇰🇪

Phone Convenience Not rated yet
At the moment I am using an iPhone 5 while traveling through Europe, Now this phone was given to me by someone just before I started travelling. At first, …

Excellent camera on my phone (Lumia 1020) Not rated yet
I have had my Mobile (Nokia Lumia 1020) for about 2 yrs and I have to say that the camera on my phone is simply amazing. With 40 megapixels the images …

My Huawei Looks like a Samsung 🤔 Not rated yet
Hi my name is Kinga, and I use the Huawie Acsend. For me the Phone is a bit slow for me and the battery live is very short especially when used for Internet …

AIS Lava Not rated yet
I currently own an AIS Lava phone that I bought during my trip to Thailand after I have accidentally drown my Samsung. I only expected to use it for as …

Powerful Device married with powerful sounding headphones.. Not rated yet
I'm well equipped with the IPhone 6. Even though the IPhone 6s has superseded my current Device. I still would say, overall I have a good product, it's …

Nothing Better Than An iPhone6!! Not rated yet
Coming with a much larger screen, a boosted processor, better camera, improved battery and, crucially, overhauled design the iPhone amongst all phones …

iPhone 6 mini diary Not rated yet
Mobile phone to me is more than communication because I get to do every other thing from using calculater using calendar write my notes and brows Internet, …

all i need Galaxy S4 Not rated yet
Ive got an S4 at the mo,i have 2 say tho that im really not that bothered,can make and receive calls and hav internet access im good lol gives me All …

Samsung Galaxy signal problem Not rated yet
I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S5, it's a great phone in general but connecting to my network outside of WiFi is very difficult, the iPhone was much better …

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mobile  info
mobile info

If you want to get somewhere fast go alone, but if you want to get really far go together.

We are humbled to welcome you to this site, we are a UK based website and with your help we aim to make this site the number one definitive source of Mobile information, like a one stop shop for you, us and the whole world regardless.

World MapMobile Phone is truly mobile, its the one communication device that every man and woman understands and knows throughout the world, our goal is to improve and maintain that understanding.

So how and when did the Mobile Phone get really personal?

Ok here is the short history.  Do people choose there mobile or is it the other way round?  There was once a time when there were not many phones if any (and that's if one could afford one) to choose from in the market, a long time ago.  20 years ago is relatively a very long time in the mobile industry keeping in mind that the first ever commercial Mobile was approved in the USA in 1983 and became commercially available in 1984.  It was called The Motorola Tac 8000x invented By the Ever brilliant Mr Martin Cooper.

Martin Cooper of MotorolaMartin Cooper of Motorola (inventor of the Mobile Phone) holds a Motorola Tac to a modern day Smartphone in his right, his invention has evolved many times within his lifetime. Why?
Evolution of the Mobile from Motorola Tac on the left to the smart phoneEvolution of the Mobile from Motorola Tac on the left to the smart phone to the right, just what Martin in the left pic is showing. Any missing links? Get it?

Comparing this phone to the modern phones of today where, Smartphones are the ultimate way to stay in touch with others beyond simple voice calls and text messaging, the Motorola Tac 8000x had only 8 hours of standby, 30 minutes of talk time and a very small display screen for dialling and could only store up to 30 phone numbers. In 1983 to get one would’ve set you back $3,995 almost $10,000 in today’s money wow! :o

Motorola Tac 8000XMotorola Tac 8000X where it all began

Back in those days, as far as the personal Mobiles went, they were very far from personal at least by today's standards (for the masses at least) in fact only the affluent, wealthy and cooperate business folk could afford them back then in the 80s, weighing in at 2.2 pounds (1 kg) not only did they look like bricks they where as heavy as one too, between the 1970′s and 1980′s some handhelds were the size of a small briefcase, come on now, that doesn't sound or look personal to you now does it? For those of you who still use and own one of this bricks bellow, there is no shame; however the antique road show and local museums may like to speak with you.

Jokes apart now, lets give respect were it's due, without the Motorola Tac 8000x, there probably wouldn't be any mobiles as we see them today, we wouldn't even be on this website rite now, lets hail and praise it, for it is the original fore father of all Mobile Phones on Earth today.  Let's never take mobile communication for granted.  But the Dyna Tac was big though.

er.....its was still portable..dont knock it.
brick phone

OK then wrapping up on the short history of the origins of the Mobile, and how they become really personal.

From 1990 to 2011, with better and more efficient innovative cheaper production methods and due to internal components becoming miniaturised allowing mobiles to become more compact, smaller and lighter mobiles became cheaper, worldwide subscriptions for mobiles blew-up, it grew from 12.3 million to over 6.2 billion, penetrating about 88% of the global population and reaching the bottom of the economic pyramid. 

economic pyramid

At the base of the economic pyramid (BOP) are 4 billion people.  In this bottom region, the population of people who are at the bottom of the economic pyramid (BOP) is 70 percent representing a $509 billion market in turn with many mobile network operators coupled with so many Phone manufacturers all competing for this massive multi-billion dollar market.

Good competition created diversity and change all for the better in the form of different types of mobiles to fit every bodies needs according to how much one can afford, now there's so much choice and options.

Everything became (and still is) more about design, functionality and applications, as it should be, the all singing and dancing with thrills and frills. We feel that the mobile really become personal naturally, suffice to say that there are just so many functions and 1000s of applications for it not to Match the users needs, as an individual no what you do or where your are from, the Mobile phone does not discriminate in any why shape or form, in this day and age.

We can confidently say that at any giving time either through functionality application or appearance no two phones on the planet can ever be exactly the same and that is wonderful because it's individually Personal.

Good competition between Mobile Brands and producers (we hear some are suing each other for all sorts of infringements) like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, Htc, Sony Ericsson, Lg and the rest, where phones are becoming obsolete, old and ready for the next latest model within 6 to 12 months of release has giving everyone on every level of the Economic Pyramid choices and option to own a mobile.

This is the new era where our Phone can really represent you as a person, AS AN INDIVIDUAL as everyone's mobile needs are different.

The smartphones of today offer phenomenal speeds and with internet connectivity to good app stores, that will give your phone infinite like flexibility, so it can become exactly what you need when you need it.

Your Mobile is the best Mobile Phone

We hope the above history lesson about the origins of the mobiles wasn't too long and boring for you, as this is a very short version indeed, however we can now break it down into the more exciting bits like all the things, types and aspects that have come to be just because of Mobile Phones, this does not only improve our personal mobile experience but sustains it as well to better help us choose.

Mobiles break down into :-

  1. Dual sim mobile
  2. Luxury mobile
  3. Rugged mobile
  4. water proof mobile
  5. Mobile phone watch
  6. Prepaid mobile

Phone simcard break down into :-

  1. International sim card
  2. Prepaid sim cards
  3. Sim card Europe
  4. World sim card
  5. Global sim card
  6. Paug simcard

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