iPhone 7

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My iPhone 7

My iPhone 7

I like the battery life and the nice camera for this iPhone. The battery life last forever compared to other iPhones made before but I don't really like the new home button apple incorporated. That's just my personal opinion but other than the home button, the phone is great!

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May 22, 2021
iphone 7 is never a disappointment
by: Regan Banner

I have been an avid user of iPhone and have got my iPhone 7 on 2017 and its camera quality and performance is amazing. But every technology is not 100% bullet proof. It might face certain issues like i did, when i drop my phone and cracked the screen. When i visited the apple store, the cost of replacing the screen was quite costly and i kept using the phone as the touch was working fine(Another solid point why you should buy n iphone). Since i live in Slough, i visited a store named Cell Crazy and mind me not their prices are really crazy. I got my screen replaced from them and even though i did not expect it to be an original but the screen was working fine and noone can say that i replace my screen.

Sep 12, 2020
The Best Phone in Its segement
by: Michael Barry

The phone is great but be aware of few sellers. Many of the Iphones sold here with replaced screen,camera or some other parts. You wont normally notice until you compare with other genuine one. If you have bought one, I strongly recommend you to double check or you can try buying it from cellcrazy in Slough UK. I recently bought this phone and it doesnt have such issues.

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