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Switch to Tesco Mobile Deals

Leave panicking about big mobile phone bills in the past.  Switch to Tesco Mobile Phone deals for all users, why?  It’s the movement that prioritises savings, affordability, and convenience along with top-quality service.

Get Clubcard and Clubcard Plus Benefits To your Tesco Mobile Deal with - Clubcard points

Tesco Clubcard
Tesco 5G logo

Embrace heightened benefits, cost-effectiveness, and quality service provided to you by Tesco Mobile, to redefine your mobile phone usage patterns. After all, every little helps!

iPhone-15iPhone 15 - Tesco Mobile Contract Phone

Pay monthly phones

Pay Monthly Phones with Tesco Mobile? They have got you covered in more ways than you’d expect. Whether you’re a heavy, medium or light mobile phone user.

Galaxy-S24-Ultra-5G-AiGalaxy S24 Ultra 5G Ai

You can opt for the best smartphones on the market, including the latest iPhone 15 deals.

iPhone 15 Pro - Tesco Mobile Contract PhoneiPhone 15 Pro - Tesco Mobile Contract Phone

Perhaps you're a fan of the iPhone 14 series, iPhone 13, or the cutting-edge Galaxy Flip phones from Samsung. Tesco Mobile offers these and more, tailored to meet and mirror your specific needs.

You are allowed to change your tariff at any time, how? Tesco Mobile made Monthly plans flexible for you, why?  So that you maintain control over your bill which means you can modify your plan to suit your changing needs, ensuring you always get excellent value for your money.

Tesco 5G logo

SIM Only Deals

A SIM Only Deals is a very cost-effective choice, why?  It provides you all of the benefits of being a Tesco Mobile SIM Only customer without the need to buy a new handset. 

SIM Only provides you an alternative if you already own a mobile phone and are just looking for a Tesco Mobile plan that’s best for just you

 - there's a deal for you. Among the benefits to you is the flexibility that you get from Pay as you go phones.   It’s perfect for those who need to make payments when it suits them best.

Sim Only deals

It is the first supermarket to provide mobile services to the market. 

Pay as you go phones

Tesco Mobile Pay as you go phones Samsung Galaxy A42 5GSamsung Galaxy A42 5G Pay as you go

Tesco Mobile also caters to pay-as-you-go customers. Regardless of your category – entry level phones, mid-range and flag-ship mobile phones for light, medium, or heavy mobile phone users s

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

SIM free Mobiles phones

Tesco Mobile Alternatively offers you the highest flexibility you can get in SIM free mobile phones, the mobiles that don't come with a SIM card and can be used with any network globally.

Beloved among mobile phone users from all categories, this option lets you pair the handset of your choice with a suitable Tesco Mobile SIM only deal.

You can also collect 1 point for every £1 you spend each month, in combination with a Tesco Mobile SIM deal.

 Tesco Clubcard and Clubcard Plus

How does Tesco provide additional substantial savings and value to customers? By Joining the Tesco Clubcard and Clubcard Plus programs. Clubcard holders merge their benefits with the services offered by Tesco Mobile, why?  to maximize their savings and returns

Your monthly spend on mobile services could greatly get reduced, how?  By you cashing in on the benefits of the Tesco Clubcard programs.

Clubcard and Clubcard Plus members enjoy significant benefits, including exclusive Tesco Mobile deals and more.

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers and Points  

These vouchers provide real savings and are one of the key benefits of being a Tesco Clubcard holder.  With Tesco Mobile, every mobile user can bring down their monthly phone bill with Clubcard Vouchers,

Tesco Clubcard Points

including getting the latest phone for even less.Just link your phone to your Clubcard and watch your points add-up. Collect 1 Clubcard point for every £1 you spend on your Tesco Mobile bill.


Frozen Prices

Tesco-Mobile-Frozeen prices

Do you get any surprise hikes in your bill?  No you don’t, as your basic monthly price won't go up mid-contract. You can enjoy your mobile services without this worry

Tesco price hike

Tesco Mobile offers Frozen Prices, meaning if you take a deal before 27 March 2023, increases don’t happen, giving you peace of mind.

tesco mobile banner feed less

Network & Coverage  

Tesco Mobile has made it certain that you will enjoy reliable mobile connection wherever you are in the UK by providing you, outstanding network coverage, reaching 99% of the UK population through O2’s network.

Whether you're travelling in the heart of the city or are in remote areas, the massive coverage, keeps you connected with your mobile when you're out and about.

Tesco 5G logo

5G Coverage

With fantastic network coverage, and 5G access, you will make the most of Tesco Mobile's flexible deals, by becoming a customer. Plus, in addition you also get the potential savings on mobile costs through your Clubcard program; it’s an irresistible offer on both fronts.

Compared to 4G, 5G provides exceedingly faster download and upload speeds, delivering a more smooth and continuous mobile experience.


Tesco Mobile gives you access to 5G in parts of most major towns and cities across the UK (164 and growing)

 International Roaming


How does Tesco Mobile allow users to use their minutes, texts and data at no extra cost in up to 48 destinations in the EU and beyond? By providing Customers zero EU roaming fees till 2025; this is just one of the highlight of Tesco Mobile's services

Its commitment to keeping costs low during travels and ensuring you, cost-effective communications while traveling abroad.


While traveling abroad, being able to use your mobile is extremely convenient and important,

helping to keep you connected to what’s most important, no matter where you are.  Tesco Mobile allows its users to roam internationally in over 100 countries via its partner networks.

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