O2 one off the largest networks in the UK

O2 was created in 1985 as Cellnet and then became its own entity in 2001, after a demerger from British Telecom, the original preceding mobile business, BT Wireless. It has evolved to and has turned out to be one of the leading providers of services for mobile and broadband equally to consumer and businesse users in the UK.

Across the UK, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks, and also delivers over 5 million O2 Wifi hotspot in the UK, 12 million world wide and in addition owning 50% of Tesco Mobile, has over 22.5 million customers, by far well known for sponsoring The O2 and the England rugby team.  Awarded the best, in term of customer satisfaction, for all mobile providers, by Ofcom. Telefónica UK Limited (a leading digital communications company from Spain) owns the commercial brand of O2 (trading as O2) after EE Limited, It’s the second-largest mobile telecoms provider in the UK, head office in Slough.

For £18 billion (in cash) O2 was acquired by Telefónica the Spanish telecoms company in 2005. with the agreement that Telefónica retains the "O2" brand and the company's UK in Slough. So in other words O2 is actually Telefónica Europe.  ‘O2′ is the brand consumers recognize and identify with rather than Telefónica.

O2 Pay As You Go

Hutchison Whampoa acquisition

It was reported on 24 November 2014 that BT were liaising to buy back O2.  Things where really moving and shaking, for the reason that at the same time BT announced that it was in addition also in talks to purchase EE.  BT subsequently entered into exclusive talks with EE, however Li Ka-Shing, owner of Hutchison Whampoa and the Three network (which operates in the UK) agreed to buy O2 for £10.25 billion on the 24 of March 2015, but has called for regulatory authorization before the merger could happen.

The joint network beats EE to form the biggest mobile network in the UK on the other hand, all this moving and shaking may possibly and rightfully face tough consistent enquiry from competition regulators (such as Ofcom) as it would lessen the number of main network operators in the UK with the eminent acquisition of EE by BT from four to three network operators.

O2 - Branding

The BT Cellnet consumer brand was renamed O2 - the chemical symbol for unbound oxygen  - the idea of the company supplying services that were essential, much the same as oxygen is essential for life. With this, the company logo and associated graphics were designed, using air bubbles to present this.

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