Payg Mobile Phones

When it comes to PAYG Mobile Phones, as in Pay As you Go, what are the important things and features to you in a phone, there are many things to look at when purchasing a phone, perhaps you’re someone who just simply needs a phone for emergency reasons, so people can get hold of you, to make a few voice calls and SMS texting and you can do without the internet, basically no face book, twitter, Netflix and Candy Crush right? And probably most of all free from any contract, Ok in this case, cheap, basic and simple, we are talking lowest Entry Level Phone, Pay As You Go, is what is needed there are many Payg mobile phones to chose from to fit different needs

Payg Mobile Phones-Entry-Level

Alcatel 10.40 3G payg Phone For £7.99 On O2 UK, one the cheapest Payg phones in the UK...and yes can you believe its a 3G phone?

Pay as You Go mobiles are probably the most easily accessible as far as we know it in the UK as they are the cheapest phones, you can get one for the same price as a bag of fish and chips, all the major networks like O2, Vodafone, 3 provide Pay As You Go, one of the cheapest Payg phones in the UK is the Alcatel 10.40 3G Phone For £7.99 On O2 UK.

Ultimately Payg Mobile Phones are for people who do not feel they need all the  high-tech functions, then they are an excellent choice.

Pay as You Go come in all the major brands like Samsung, BlackBerry, Apple,Nokia, Htc,Sony Ericsson, Lg, Motorola and the rest, they even come in Smartphones too. 

Lets Start from the bottom level entries and then make our way to the cheapest and simplest pay as you go phones have the least or no features available because to some people a phone is just a phone however we can get them from all the major networks. Typically these are priced between £5.99 and £60 more or less.

The Nokia 100 Payg Phone for Just £9.00 Tesco Mobile
The Nokia 106 another3G Phone For£9.99 O2 UK

One of the main advantages of these phones lack of features, apart from the poor camera quality is the fact that they give fantastic long battery life, you can literally use them for days before they need charging again, a very good example of a payg phone with long battery life is the Nokia 106 (above left) with an incredible standby time of up to 35 days.

If you care that is, the disadvantage is that they only provide basic internet access and features, after all to be honest the primary functions of these cheap simple payg phones are too make and receive calls and to send and receive text suffice to say that for less than £10 you wont feel to bad, trust us.

The Samsung E1200 Payg Phone from Just £5.00 Virgin Mobile

The Samsung E1270 Payg Phone from Just £14.99 on O2 with Built in FM Radio, flip clam-shell body for protection.

An important thing to take note of is not to use PAYG to make international calls, if you do it would cost you an arm and a leg .... clever way to solve this problem is to purchase a Dual Sim PAYG Mobile, like the The Nokia 101 Payg Phone very popular on eBay and Amazon, dual sim mobiles can take two sim cards at the same time, just buy an international global Sim Card to switch to as needed.

The Nokia 301 Payg mobile phone for £49.99, 2.4 inch display, Panoramic picture function, multiple bursts of shots at once so you can select the best, Long-lasting battery life Standby Time 936hrs Talk Time 6hrs, This is a 3G phone, looks Old school but feels New school, 3.5G connectivity, using your favourite apps Facebook, twitter and emails, allows you to take self-portraits using voice commands, panorama functionality.

Probably the biggest advantage of using a PAYG phone is a financial one, there is little or no risk of ending up with a huge phones bill at the end of the month, to make calls you must top-up by buying credits, the mobile can be topped up in many different ways minimum top-up requirement is only £5.

The SamsunC3590g Payg Phone from Just £14.99 on O2. Connect with Facebook, 2.4 inch high resolution screen.

....want to be able to make straightforward calls but also have a camera function? these......

Elegant design and functionality.  Just the right choice for all those who would like to make calls easily, but would also like to take one or the other snapshot with the mobile phone.  Do you want to be able to make straightforward calls but also have a camera function? these phones offers both. 

Best solution for simple communication.  features a user-friendly interface but without all the superfluous thrills and extras, designs that’s simplicity in itself.

At least with these, as you know where everything is, you know what everything does.

Advantages of Payg mobile phone?

  • No committed contracts – walk away whenever you want.
  • No surprise nasty bills – because you can only use pre-paid top-up.
  • No credit check – like in contract mobile phones.
  • Available to under 18s– unlike pay monthly contracts where one must be 18 or over
  • Excellent value - there are no minimum monthly charges.
  • Its real easy to manage - as you know exactly what you're spending.

Disadvantages of Payg mobile phone?

  • Very light users also need to be aware that if you don't use your PAYG mobile for a long period, your provider may assume it's no longer in use and deactivate the number. If this happens, you might lose any credit that you have on the phone.

How do I Top Up my Payg Mobile Phone with airtime?

Pay as you go mobile phones are the mobile phones that users add airtime/talk time by purchasing vouchers from shops, in contrast to contract phones users, who pay a set fee every month for a pre-determined amount of texts, talk time minutes and data allowance. 

A Pay As You Go user inputting a airtime code from a purchased voucher.

Another way for payg mobile phone users to purchase talk time is by calling their network provider on a freephone number and use their credit card to pay for airtime directly.

Another airtime purchasing method is by using a purchased voucher that predominantly requires the user of the pay as you go smartphone to make a free-phone call to their network and enter a computer generated number. 

Examples of top-up vouchers

Then purchased airtime is added to their pay as you go mobile phone instantly.

Networks who provide pay as you go mobile phones have a time limit, this means customers must use up the airtime they have purchased during that time limit, while others networks have a cut-off time after which point the voucher becomes void. But take note that, many do not have time limits on pay as you go mobile phone airtime usage at all.

Once airtime has run out with owners of pay as you go phones, toping up again is needed, until then  they will still be able to receive calls and text. With some networks they are usually also able to pick up voicemails, although this may be different depending on what network provider one is with.

As we already know we  have to pay the full cost of the phone up front, and then purchase airtime top-ups to use the operator's network. These top-ups include an allotted number of talk-time minutes, text messages and/or megabytes of data downloads. 

Now before we look at the different types of Pay As you Go tariffs we shall look at the rest of the methods of how to Top Up your Payg Mobile Phone with airtime?

Mid-Range PAYG Mobiles

Upper Mid-Range PAYG Mobile Phones

Premium PAYG Mobile Phones

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