Mobile Phone Sim Cards

Mobile Phone Sim Cards paradox of choices

We have too many mobile phone sim cards to chose from this days, but if you ask, we feel that's a good thing because the magnitude of choice is huge making them relatively cheap as most of them these days are not contractually attached to any phone for starters, sim cards for every occasion, different types from Paug simcards, Sim only plans and International sim cards just to name a few.  So choosing the right one can make a difference between saving you money or just wasting it.

What is a SIM card?

SIM or Subscriber Identity Module card is a portable memory chip used mostly in some models of mobile phones, that operate on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network.

SIM cards store network-specific information that's used to authenticate and identify subscribers on the network, in addition stores users data such as phone number, contacts and text messages.

Sim card blocked. (needs PUK)

Note, There is a Big difference between Unlocking and Unblocking

If you (or someone else) enters the wrong PIN too many times, the phone is blocked. The PUK (for PIN unlocking) retrieved from the network service provider, unblocks the phone.  There is a Big difference between Unlocking and Unblocking.

As we know we have 3 standard models of mobile phone sim cards, the standard, micro and nano. mobile phone SIM cards were onetime the same size as a credit card,  now they are somewhat smaller than a thumbnail.

Card                               Standard   Micro   Nano

Progression of old school credit card size simcard -->to new school Nano simcard will it get any smaller?

Over the years miniaturization of internal hardware components coupled with the progressional evolution of physically smaller mobile phones in turn led to the outcome of smaller SIM cards where the quantity of plastic card surrounding the integrated circuit chip is reduced (image above)

Mobile Phone Sim Cards

The SIM also has a Personal Identification Number (PIN) The code used to lock and unlock the mobile,  used to restrict and protect access to the SIM card. 

And a Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) used to unblock the SIM in the event that a security violation has caused it to become blocked.

Mobile phone locked. (needs PIN)

OK then, there are far more technical aspects to mobile phone SIM cards, than the PIN and PUK codes for example the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) which allows the networks to identify the mobile device, but this is all that you really need to know, we don't want to geek or bog you down with to much stuff like tech information.  Beyond identification, mobile phone SIM cards, have several other functions.

Here we will Focus on all the different type of mobile phone SIMcards that help us with our daily mobile communication needs nationally and internationally, like Pay As You Go SIM cards, pay monthly SIM cards, International SIM cards, Global SIM cards, Europe Sim cards, SIM only contracts.  Basically we shall cover all the mobile phone SIM cards you can buy without a mobile phone, here Only SIMs Allowed.

Sim Only Contracts

Here the mobile network service provider supply you with just one piece of hardware, the contract Mobile Phone SIM Card, that's it, no mobile phone what so ever, which means that when you sign up for  SIM-only contracts you already have  a mobile phone to use with your new SIM card, that includes a set amount of talk time minutes, text and data over an agreed duration of time in exchange for set monthly payments made by you. 

All the Major Mobile Networks Provide SIM-only contracts.

Not only will this page help decide if  SIM-only contracts is the best option for you, but also which tariff and why its the right one that matches your typical mobile usage, this is vital.  

No such thing as a free contract mobile phone, you pay for it one way or the other.

  • On top of the savings, going with SIM only contracts means than that you can focus on getting the best tariff to match your typical usage needs, this should be done first at all times as you save money long run - but rather mostly, people focus on the phone first and then see whatever tariff allows them to have it for free, if the tariffs wrong, it would be a wast of money.

  • Reached the end of your contract? And that phone you need is not released yet like the iPhone 6 or could be a Samsung, at this point  do you upgrade or wait?  A SIM only will help you wait-out that release date, as you have a phone you've just finished paying for, but in addition  you’d now be paying far less monthly, as with SIM-only you are paying only for the service.  are you sure you're still going to upgrade at this point? Just think about it.

As no phone come with the SIM only contracts there is flexibility over the monthly payback duration which could be over a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month period.  The duration of  SIM only contracts also reflects on the amount of monthly payments, the longer the duration the cheaper the monthly payments.


So why are SIM-only contract good for us?

  • The main and overall reason is SIM only contracts tend to be much cheaper, than traditional contracts were you have to pay off each month, for the actual cost of your subsidised or "so called" free phone  .But with SIM-only contracts (were you must provide your own phone) you’ll save money each month, especially those who were on a traditional contract in the first place.

  • Second SIM-only plans provides freedom, choice and options at your disposal. As opposed to signing up and locked and chained to a 24 month contract, with  SIM only contracts,  durational commitments start from as little as one month. predominantly, SIM only contracts are excellent for the flexibility it allows, changing networks or handsets is totally unrestrictive
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 How To Chose sim only contracts, the right way?

To evade any issues one should take the step- by -step way of getting mobile phone sim cards SIM-only contracts package in the right successive order  which are

  • The SIM-only Contract Tariff.

  • The Mobile Sim Specification you need, is it Standard, Micro or Nano?

Tick all the boxes

  • The airtime network provider e.g EE, Orange, Vodafone.

  • Most important,network coverage and Signal strength in your area e.g home, work, college, university, family, friends.

We're different, what type of SIM-only Tariff user are you?

The best tariff is one that mirrors your typical mobile usage. You need a plan where you don't go over your monthly allowances but at the same time you're not using under your allowances, this balance saves you money every-month.

Its this balance every mobile user should aim for. Be a Happy Mobile phone user :)

And in turn how you use the phone, tells what SIM-only tariff exactly fits your lifestyle, surf the the internet a lot, browse webpages? For how long? how many text and megabytes of data (internet) do you need in a month.  How many voice calls.

But one thing we know in terms of mobile phone SIM-Only contracts , is that we have 3 types of mobile users, so are you a :-

  • Light Mobile Phone User.
  • Medium Mobile Phone User.
  • Heavy Mobile Phone User.

Click to find out what Mobile Phone User you are.

Which one are you?


According to Billmonitor, formed by mathematicians in Oxford, produced the figures after analysing nearly 28,500 anonymous mobile phone bills and comparing to 8.5million contracts on offer from retailers and network providers.

They found out that :-

52% of Users are on tariffs that’s too large for them, as a result of being on the wrong tariff, users use on average just one quarter of their monthly calling allowance.
Total waste: £2.62bn

29% Users are on tariffs that’s too small for them, as a result of being on the wrong tariff they wasted money on out of allowance calls, data usage, texts,  as well as other costs that could be reduced with a larger tariff like 40p/pic sent.
Total waste: £1.53bn

19% waste money by not optimising free benefits, text and  data allowances, or taking advantage of the lower costs that 24 month contracts provide, however they have the right level of inclusive minutes.
Total waste: £0.74bn

There are a number of points to look at before choosing a contract. For instance, mobile-phone and network companies want to hold-on to their customers for as long as possible,so to make you sign up to longer contracts, they offer  incentives so often.

Going on an 18month or 24month contract, rather the traditional shorter 12month contract, can save you between £5 and £10 per month.  However in the world of mobile phones 24 months is a long time changes happen fast, new tariffs, phones, faster connectivity could move house.

...Our Choices are

researched Choices chosen from

researched Options....... every single month on a tariff that’s too large for them, using on average just one quarter of the monthly calling allowance.

choosing the wrong tariff can prove costly..make good you don't end-up with a face like him.

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