Sim Free Mobile Phone

Sim Free Mobile Phone, the name of the phone simply defines itself really, a phone that’s purchased (with any included accessories) without a simcard and is not connected to any network like Vodafone or O2, completely free from any contract agreement of any kind. Sim Free Mobile Phones can connect to (mostly) all  sim cards world wide,  which provides you flexibility and freedom of choice, hence they are also known  a generic phones.

.......handsets will often be available Sim Free before they are available through the networks.......

Buying your phone Sim Free can be a more expensive way of running a mobile phone, but handsets will often be available Sim Free before they are available through the networks. 

And with networks now doing much better deals on Sim only contracts, it can work out a cheaper, less restrictive way of running your mobile.  All Sim Free Phones will work with both contract and pay as you go sim cards.

LG G3 premium sim free smartphone phone from £499.95 a fantastic because it has a truly stunning metallic-effect design and an outstanding screen. In fact, the screen shows nearly twice as much detail as anything else in the UK!
Flagships lead

.......there is no network branding and manufacturers original menu system on them, will be there, .......

Apple iPhone 5S 64GB for £699.99premium sim free smartphone phone. A7 chip. Record 1080p HD video and create slow-motion effects. M7 coprocessor handles motion tasks to preserve battery life. 4-inch (diagonal) Multi-Touch Retina display.Standby Time Up to 250 hours

Sim Free Mobile Phones come in all the major brands like Samsung, BlackBerry, Apple, Nokia, Htc, Sony Ericsson, Lg, Motorola and the rest. 

Let’s start from the Premium Sim Free Mobile Phones and then make our way down to the cheapest and simplest sim free mobiles phones.

Premium Sim Free Mobile Phones

.....fully loaded with the very latest hardware and features......

Premium  Sim Free Mobile Phones are on top of Upper Mid-Range sim free  Mobile Phones . They like the LG G3 and  Apple iPhone 5s 64GB premium sim free smartphone phones normally cost any thing from £425 and £710 more or less, they are fully loaded with the very latest hardware and features a mobile phone has to offer, these mobiles are the Flagship phones of the mobile phone producers because with most, its all about the latest and most current phone that could be used for business or personal use and rightfully so.

Most contract and pay-as-you-go sim cards will work in sim-free handsets as there is no network contract here (some won’t work on the 3G Network though), the mobile phone is not subsidised and will be the true cost of the handset.  A characteristic of sim-free phones is that there is no network branding and manufacturers original menu system on them, will be there, this is one of the good signs that the phone is genuinely sim free and not an Unlocked handset.

Nokia Lumia1520 premium sim free smartphone phone for £539.95 The Lumia 1520 has a 6” full HD display (big screen), 20MP camera, XBOX and Microsoft Office built in, so you can do more, see more and capture more on the go. define what the true essence of a smartphone is.......

The latest Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung, the HTC One.  this is the best opportunity to define what the true essence of a smartphone is, its definition In addition to being able to make and receive calls, these mobile phones support  other services such as email, MMS, Internet access, short-range wireless communications (Bluetooth, infrared and WiFi), gaming and photography, business applications. Mobile phones that provide these and more general computing capabilities are known as smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Premium sim free Smartphone phone is super slim, has an ultra fast processor, excellent camera – it takes phablets to the next level.

Premium  mobile phones, such as the iPhone 5 and  HTC One  M8 (above), demand top tier price tags, as they provide the very best features and functionality that you can have on a mobile phone, which include extremely fast processors, cameras that effortlessly cope with HD video recording and playback, with super-high-resolution crystal clear screens just to mention a few.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Premium sim free Smartphone phone

If you are someone who above all loves to take photos and surf the Web on your payg handset, a mobile phone that has an excellent lens and a top fast browser is what you need. Maybe battery life happens to be your main priority? In this case consider a mobile phone that has a smaller screen and a less power demanding processor that's slower, to keep the power drainage in check, in short the lesser features a phone has the longer the talk, standby time and battery life you will have.

Porsche Design P'9982 from BlackBerry Premium sim free Smartphone phone for £1400 mobile phone experience you can think off.....

These smartphones, in terms of the best mobile phone experience you can think off, are what these phones more or less deliver and because they are top Flagship phones they in turn command top phone prices as we would expect. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom sim free Smartphone phone £439.95
Samsung Galaxy S5 premium sim free smartphone for £549.95 Designed to be ultra secure and your fitness partner, features an outstanding camera and the battery can last for days with ultra power saving mode.’s usually much cheaper to buy a PAYG phone and unlock it........

As a business user with a restricted budget, you can take advantage of this. How? Because it’s usually much cheaper to buy a PAYG phone and unlock it so that you can use it with a cheap contract SIM than it would be to buy the same phone SIM-free.

Top tier  premium Smart phones are high specification phones that are virtually computers but these ones can fit into the palm of your hand and into your pocket.

HTC One M8 premium sim free smartphone phone for £529.00 With the unique Duo Camera and a stunning all-metal design, the HTC One M8 exhibits class, style and quality.

You’ll find these smart phones have the fastest processors, best cameras and larger, high-resolution screens. Among them are the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, which has the best camera on a smartphone at the moment. 

Apple iPhone 5s 32GB Premium sim free Smartphone phone for £560.95. Touch ID sensor — built into the Home button — your fingerprint scans to unlock the iPhone 5s, also use it to buy from iTunes or the App Store. a new 8-megapixel iSight camera, a new Face Time HD camera, and iOS 7. As thin and light as ever.

Your top features are what you need to focus on

When you want to choose a premium Pay As You Go smartphone to buy, consider the top features you can't do without, and then stay focus on sourcing and researching a mobile that provides them. As this could save you lots of money as you wont just pay for features you will never use or need, also you will not get confused as there are lot of choices out there.

LG G Flex Premium sim free Smartphone phone £689.95

Sure enough, the latest must-have current premium flag ship smartphone may have all the latest hardware and features, all singing and dancing, showing off all the bells and whistles but you must stay focused on what phone feature and functionality are personally good for you.

Only think about what you you really need the phone for, take you time to research the phones really well, which you can do on this website, don't just purchase a smartphone by following the crowd don't get swept up in the hype, either or you could end up wasting a lot of money when in-fact you don't need to.

Don't waste money

......possess larger high-resolution screens, better cameras, and faster processors......

The sim free mobile phones in this range are literally like laptop computers but physically compressed to fit into your pocket or the palm of your hand hence why they are called smartphones. They possess larger high-resolution screens, better cameras, and faster processors for fast effortless multitasking.

To buy a sim free Smartphone phone there’s isn’t much point looking in the networks stores, as they’re usually available from independent mobile retailers.

Put bluntly you will pay hundreds of pounds for the phone because  its Sim-free or unlocked, but making the cost back makes financial sense, because over its lifetime we pay far less than if one got the phone on contract.  And the one of many great things about a SIM-free mobile phone is that you can change networks whenever you want as the phone is not locked into any network.

Check out the other three categories of Sim Free Mobile Phones below

Upper Mid Range Sim Free Mobiles

Mid Range Sim Free Phones

Entry Level Sim Free Mobile Phone

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