Google Pixel XL

by Victor

Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL

I bought Google Pixel XL on contract with EE for 60 quid a month with 0 upfront 128GB ram and unlimited UK calls texts and 25 GB data.

I replaced my old Samsung Galaxy Note4 as contract renewal.

I thought it's the best phone on market as it was advertised by Google.

Well i can say it's very powerful although the case is not perfect. It's made from not solid metal and scratching it is easy.

Battery is good as well as super fast charging.

But it's HTC MADE with Google logo. So it's basically HTC.

What i like about it is the Camera with amazing pics and bright colours. It has 128 GB ram slot and Google gives u unlimited Google drive. But you can use it only for photos upload!?

I guess Google advantage is in apps which are all synced with Google accounts so it's easy to use.

I would give it 7 from 10.
Also the fact it's HTC make me dizzy:)

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