My Huawei Looks like a Samsung πŸ€”

by Kinga

Huawei Acsend

Huawei Acsend

Hi my name is Kinga, and I use the Huawie Acsend. For me the Phone is a bit slow for me and the battery live is very short especially when used for Internet facilities, and my battery is usually dead before I get back home, so I usually need to Carry the phone charger which I don't like doing all the time, as I don't have the charger with me everyday and always.

I use my phone like everybody else I suppose, like texting, Internet access, GPS, audio books, and for photo and video. stuff like that.

Sure, my phone looks like a Sumsung, works like a Samsung, but it's not a Samsung πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ’ however it looks sleek and is as thin as a Samsung πŸ“±

I like the feel of a key pad on my fingers, so I know the touch is true, so im not a fan of touch screens in general.

To be honest I don't like my phone, I just have it because I broke my old Phone this is what they replaced it with.

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