One of the most common questions asked by mobile phone users is What does LG stand for?  As most are just curious about the producers of their mobile phones.

In 1958 the South Korean companies Lucky and GoldStar merged to form Lucky-GoldStar and from here it seems apparent how the letters LG came to be.  At first the company started as a chemical company called Rak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp, in 1947.  You wouldn't think this relative to SmartPhone production, would you?  However, when you find out that in 1952, Rak-Hui (LG) pronounced as "Lucky" became the first South Korean company to enter the plastics industry this seems a little more relative to Mobiles, Rak-Hui 's plastics business flourished and expanded enough to form GoldStar Co. Ltd




Under the brand name GoldStar, a lot of consumer electronics were sold, whereas  household products such as hygiene products like soaps, tooth paste and laundry detergents were sold under the Lucky brand name. 

So, as far as the electronics industry goes, it all started when The GoldStar company was formed in 1958, and by 1959, it had already produced the very first radio in Korea, this was the start of its' global dominance in the electronics industry.

In 1992, the company merged with Goldstar Components. Then in 1995, but eventually involved the mobile phone market. It merged with other companies that dealt with communications and information,

Lucky-GoldStar was renamed "LG" In 1995 it merged with Goldstar communications, and then owning the company Zenith, this is when it changed its name officially to LG Electronics in order to compete better in the Western markets,  the LG tagline "Life's Good" the company also associates with the letters LG, suffice to say that Life is indeed good for the company because it is one of the most successful electronics companies in the world.


The company has release so many new products, with application of new technologies such as mobile devices and digital TVs in the 21st century and continues to confirm its status as a global company.

LG Corp. a conglomerate in South Korea, in a nutshell deals in the production of telecommunications products, chemicals and electronics in over 80 countries.

LGE one of the subsidiaries of LG Corp is one of the largest in the world for Mobile Phone manufacturing as well as high definition TV sets.  It is the worlds 3rd largest producer of Mobile Phones and SmartPhones this is why LG Electronics is the flagship company of LG Corp. conglomerate.

LG Introduced the world's first CDMA digital mobile phone in 1996

The company started to make mobile phones in 2000 and the Mobiles were made with fascinating innovations, features and style that got critics talking somewhat positively.  However, initially the Mobile Phones first appearance on the scene lacked lustre and did not get good interest from the marketplace, probably because at that time, the company was mainly known as the leading company in the electronics industry but not for Mobile Phones, yet.

The company Introduced the world's first CDMA digital mobile phone in 1996, world's top CDMA handset producer and were the first to release the very first WCDMA technology in 2002, and it was this tech that really started the corporation's development in the mobile phone market and in turn led to it producing various models of CDMA, GSM, and WCDMA Mobile Phones


Achieved annual growth rate of 46 percent from 2001 to 2006.  It's really when the Black Label Series was released that they experienced massive success from 2006 through to 2009.  They released four model editions in series, the Chocolate (2006), Shine (2007), Secret (2008) and New Chocolate edition (2009) some with 3G capabilities and MP3 playing features.

The Black Label Series was then followed by the Optimus Series, these were LGs foot into the SmartPhone market, they were stylish and compact Android phones featuring integrated applications.

Like other major consumer electronics manufacturer they could not afford to leave money on the table, and so the company announced that it would be releasing a tablet that would bring great performance than other tablets currently on the market, but in addition still promising to keep compactness and thinness more than rival tablets.  All this shows is that LG does not want to be left behind in anyway shape or form, because there is only a very thin line between SmartPhones and tablets.



The mobile company released the Optimus Pad V900 Announced Feb 2011, with one tech innovation of their own including 1st with three-dimensional camera, 8.9″ IPS LCD display, Nvidia Tegra 2 T20 chipset, Dual: 5 MP primary camera, 2 MP front camera, 6400 mAh battery, 32 GB storage and Android Honeycomb as well as the G-slate V909 tablet pc launched in March 2011 with features of 4G connectivity, dual-core CPU, Android 3.0 with superb high-definition touch-screen.

The company’s business portfolio has been restructured to maximize growth potential in existing businesses while at the same time fully developing new ones.  Always intending to capture even more of the ever-expanding commercial market, by better addressing the lifestyle needs of current and future customers.

The recent type of Android phones made by LG are the G SERIES which is a combination of style, performance and  power with simple but yet sophisticated interfacing, G Series SmartPhones are admirable and in addition a joy to use.


LG Optimus Pad V900


The G series is a line of high-end Android devices.  The "G" (and "V") designation was first announced in 2012 and the company came up with the LG Optimus series for its new line of flagship devices, however in July 2013, they  announced that the name "Optimus" is going to be discontinued in favor of the "G" so as to make it more distinct and catchy for a flagship brand name.  And then in 2013 the purely G-branded phone, the LG G2, was released in August 2013 with software features they said would shake things up such as 

AnswerMe lets you answer your LG G2 while not touching the keys.  Pick it up, and the G2 senses that it's been picked up, then it turns down the ring volume and connects the call.

Plug and pop comes into play, as soon as you plug in the earphones.  the apps that you most likely use with earphones pop-up such as the video player and music player.

Text link makes text information management so simple. For example, automatically launching the calendar app to check the calendar to aid replying to text messages.

Guest mode allows customised access to your phone such as preventing children or anyone else from accessing the apps and sections that are private.


The LG G's Starts Here

For the electronics company the G series has been its crowning glory in terms of flagship SmartPhones in 2012 with the LG Optimus G all the way up to 2017 with the LG G6 in in 2017.  In between these 5 years they have won good status as a player in the SmartPhone industry sector, even good vibes from critics, with some saying it was the best SmartPhone hardware that the company had ever produced.


When the G2 got released in the fall of 2013, It was not a let-down in anyway, shape or form to say the least, why?  It did not disappoint one bit because it featured a large 5.2-inch 1080p display screen, which was like a first for the time plus in addition it was a true powerhouse of a phone, under the hood, was a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and the camera was a 13 megapixel.


So in other words the G2 really set the standard from then onwards for the company.  The design was distinctive in a premium classy way, like its power controls and rear-mounted volume, It even had an infrared blaster for remote control functions.  The bottom line that stood out the most for the G2 was primarily being known for its outstanding battery life.



In 2014 the G3 was released, as it was following the successful G2 the G3 had to hit the ground running, and that it did with some added innovation coupled with  all the necessary improvements and then some. 

The G3 SmartPhone was the first in the world to have a Quad HD screen and a laser autofocus system.  They also had a VR-headset made for it.  The downside was the plastic used for its body however they made  up for this by maximising on the screen size with an amazing 5.5-inch Quad HD screen.



The downside of the G3 was the plastic used for its body however LG made up for this with the G4 in 2015 with a new leather-like back cover was released, giving it that luxurious, natural and premium feel and look. This move really helped the company  stand out from other flagship SmartPhone producers, as leather was not an option you find on a smartphone, even today.

Primarily the phone was targeted at mobile users who are keen on photography, why?  It featured infrared active autofocus an improved and new 16-megapixel sensor featuring OIS, with an RGB color spectrum sensor that helps analyse light to optimize white balance.  The excellent thing here for photographers Is that it allowed manual controls for true camera customisation.  This may be what really made the G series stand out from the rest.




With the G5 the company tried to improve the functionality of the phone, however with the success of the G2,G3 and G4 it's sad to say that the G5 was not selling like hot cakes, in fact it was the opposite, so in other words "life wasn’t good when you play more" for the G5.  To say the G5 was not a radical of a SmartPhone would be an understatement, it even looked radical too.

This all just alienated dedicated fans of the  G series. No more rear-mounted volume controls and soft curves of the chassis.  even though it never seemed to appeal to consumers a consolation for the G5 was the dual camera set-up and the move to a metal body from a plastic one was a step-up.




With the LG G6 released in March 2017, something very important from the failure of the G5 was realised by LG that "if it ain't broke don't fix it, improve it" so with the G6, It was back to the true genetic make-up of the G series opting to keep it simple.  So they came up with  features consumer SmartPhone users crave which was a glass-clad phone, water resistant design and wireless charging that was built-in.  And as for  the camera LG took that to the next level from the G4 with full manual controls not just for photos but in addition the videos had full control as well, so in other words the G6 had an exceptional camera. 

Due to the failure of the G5 there was a lot at stake in terms of reputation and a financial point of view to say the least, so they had to totally redesign the phone, the best impact the phone had is that it was the first to market with an exceptional 18:9 screen aspect ratio, a very impressive screen-to-body aspect ratio, mightily-marketed which LG believes is a new emerging trend in the mobile market.

LG G6 is water and dust resistant which, can be submerged under 1.5m of water for up to half an hour.

And The Latest news


Just recently the G series hasn’t been doing well with keeping up with the competition. With several millions of dollars lost through the failure of the modular L5 G5 and competition from rivals like Samsung and Apple LG has come to a point where they feel a fresh new brand name will help revitalize its efforts.  This could be the primary reason the company is thinking of dropping its G series smartphone line-up for a different one.

However, still rumours were flowing of an LG G7  flagship smartphone for 2018.  There were claims that LG will not stay with the G series brand and are coming up with new things, allegedly from an inside source of LG, but has not been the case.

The LG G7 offers excellent all-around performance at a reasonable price with pros such as Bright screen, Excellent build quality, wide-angle lens, with a screen measuring 6.1in across diagonally and delivers a near-4K resolution.



LG G7 - The Colours

Rebranding flagship models is the normal process with SmartPhone manufacturers its nothing new, Samsung, Apple and the rest have done so for their own flagships.

The bottom line is whatever, LGs still remained with the G series in 2018LG came out good with the release of the LG G7 after many of its competitors came out with the latest best processor that they could in the Snapdragon 845, while LG still matched them with an 845 chipset. However the question is, does that make the G7 worth purchasing?

With the top-end Snapdragon 845 processor chip under the hood, backed up by 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM and then some, it is a flagship phone above average.


We are all waiting...……. 2019, did it come out?

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