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Thuraya, in Satellite mode enables you to stay connected across Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia through its’ uninterrupted and reliable Satellite network within its coverage area.

Thuraya Satellite in spaceThuraya Satellite in space
 thuraya-Satellite_Phone-specificationsThuraya XT (GEO) Satellite Phone

In Addition to this Some Thuraya Phones also give you dual-mode functionality, allowing users to switch between Satellite and GSM Networks as needed...

Save Money with Thuraya

 ..from any of the 360+ Thuraya roaming partners worldwide providing greater flexibility and cost savings. 

thuraya gsm....Will Save You Money

What is the History of the Thuraya Satellite Network?

Constellation Of The Pleiades and Orion

The name Thuraya originates from the Arabic name for the constellation of the Pleiades.  This SatPhone company  was launched in 1997 but started operating in about 2001.  

Constellation Of The PleiadesConstellation Of The Pleiades

Based in the UAE, it is a regional network that’s designed to provide Mobile coverage to more than 160 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North, Central and East Africa, Asia and Australia....with a  Sat footprint covering two thirds of the globe


Why are Thuraya SatPhones perfect for use where Cellular Networks are not available?

The significant advantage for users, who regularly travel to remote areas that have no Mobile-Cellular Coverage, the good news is that Thuraya phones operate on a Satellite Network,...

 ....which means they are not reliant on traditional Mobile-Cellular towers for service for you and for those who work in industries that require communication on locations, where Thuraya covers.  (Coverage Map Below)

In all it provides mobile coverage to more than 160 countries. It has another string to its bow, as its Satellite handsets are dual-mode.

This means subscribers can roam on both GSM networks as well as talk through the Satellite Network. They’ve now sold well over 600,000 handsets

Thuraya XT - with customized silicon cover - additional layer of protectionThuraya XT - with customized silicon cover - additional layer of protection

What are the benefits of Thuraya?

To put it in another way think of your normal conventional everyday GSM mobile phone, but on steroids. 

Thuraya-GSM COverage Map

Technologically innovative satellite designs that ensure and confirms the reliability of each device and accessory, provides a truly superior Satellite Communication Solution that’s far beyond the capabilities of terrestrial systems and mobile cellular networks.


Granted This SatPhone company is a dual-mode handset (Satellite and GSM) provider, however they don’t work everywhere, but this has not stopped their popularity at all.

The reason for this is simply because of the airtime rates, handset costs and size. It must be noted that Thuraya does not work in North and South America.

GSM Logo
At all times..... Stay Close

When it comes to coverage in the most remote locations it's well-built Satellite network provides connection at all times, ensuring congestion-free Satellite Communications to provide users with sustained connection at all times.  

It can provide dependable roaming services for post-paid and prepaid customers to over 361 worldwide GSM networks. With roaming agreements confirmed with over 161 countries, subscribers from those GSM networks can also insert a GSM SIM into a Thuraya Satellite handset to benefit from roaming services throughout Thuraya’s GSM ROAMING network.


All Thuraya Satellite Phones - Advantages


Latest Satellite Innovations Sat and GSM in One, Satellite HD touchscreen SmartPhone from Thuraya

Thuraya X5pres in space unparalleled flexibility. Thuraya X5-Touch has a 5.2” full HD touchscreen for users

The World’s First Android-Based Satellite & GSM Phone

For starters and that's for now,  the X5 Touch is offering unparalleled flexibility. Thuraya X5-Touch has a 5.2” full HD touchscreen for users who frequently move in and out of terrestrial coverage across a range of market sectors, including government missions, energy projects, enterprise communications, and NGO deployments.

Thuraya X5-Touch Thuraya X5 Touch The World’s First Android-Based Satellite & GSM PhoneThuraya X5-Touch

What is the purpose of Thuraya satellite phones?


Thuraya phones are the ideal choice for people who work or travel in remote locations, why?  Over 160 countries are covered by Thuraya’s Satellite network, including massive stretches of deserts, ocean, and mountainous regions, Ideal for users such as maritime workers, adventure travellers, and emergency responders. 

Thuraya-XT-pro-dual The Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL-world's first dual-mode, bridging the gap between satellite and terrestrial communications, dual-SIM phone.Thuraya XT Pro-Dual

Thuraya phones more than have the ability to provide reliable communication in remote areas where traditional cellular networks are unavailable or unreliable.


So in other words, Thuraya provides a dual mode Phone that’s not only a Satellite Phone but also has GSM capabilities.

Does Thuraya Provide Global Coverage?

Thuraya XT (GEO) communication Satellite PhoneThuraya XT (GEO) communication Satellite Phone

Thuraya Phones provides  uninterrupted Sat coverage across two-thirds of the globe plus dual-mode functionality, allowing you to switch between Satellite and GSM Networks as needed,....

All Explorations to remote areas with Thuraya XTExplorations to remote areas with Thuraya XT

...from any of the 360+ Thuraya roaming partners worldwide providing even more flexibility and cost savings.

Thuraya XT Lite (GEO SatPhoneThuraya XT Lite (GEO) SatPhone

Not only will they remain connected when they are out of GSM coverage, but also when a Thuraya Sat Phone user is traveling where terrestrial roaming charges are very expensive. 

Thuraya SG-2510Thuraya SG-2510 Satellite Phone. The smallest and lightest of all time

This is what really separates them from the rest of the Satellite Phone provider pack, and this is a very flexible capability indeed.

Thuraya SG-2520 Satellite PhoneThuraya SG-2520 Satellite Phone.

Plus in addition Thuraya phones bring you durability and ruggedness.  A reliable choice, when you want and need a durable communication device that can consistently handle rigorous outdoor use.


Thuraya Phones possess military-grade built specifications, designed to withstand harsh conditions, extreme temperatures, dust and water exposure.


Equipped with GPS capabilities, that allow you to track your location and navigate unfamiliar terrain, to enhance user experience and functionality, they have Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free operation


Thuraya SatSleeve

Probably The best merge of a definitive source of total global mobility coverage and projects minimalist simplicity is the Thuraya SatSleeve, it’s the smartest, fastest and simplest way to...

Thuraya SatSleeve-iPhone 4Thuraya SatSleeve-iPhone 4

...transform your smartphone into a satellite smartphone, most definitely one of the best mobile innovations for SatPhone mobility, suffice to say that the SatSleeve is an industry first.

The Satellite Network Is In spaceThe Satellite Network Is In space

The SatSleeve allow you to make  phone calls, access to the internet including emails, instant messages and popular social media apps in satellite mode from anywhere in the world - well almost, across 161 countries across it’s coverage network.


Thuraya  SatSleeve HotPot


Made for users who like to use the Smartphone separated from the Satellite unit, this allows you to move about with range and lots of room, while you make your calls, or enjoy your favourite social media apps.

Thuraya SatSleeve HotspotThe Thuraya SatSleeve HotPot

in the comfort of being indoors or in your vehicle, in and from remote areas that have no Mobile-Cellular Coverage, send emails and messages, while the hotspot is outside and facing the Satellite.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

It’s compatible with various Android and iOS models. The SatSleeve Hotspot comes with a stand that creates a portable Satellite Wi-Fi hotspot, giving you Satellite connectivity without physically docking your smartphone to a unit.

Satellite wifi in your handSatellite Wi-Fi in Your Hand
explorers frequent travellers

Good news for adventurous explorers, frequent travellers, corporate and NGO users. The SatSleeve Hotspot is highly adaptable as it supports the communication needs of all SmartPhone users – it’s very Easy-to-Use.

The sound gets routed through the SmartPhone, allowing you to make your calls straight from the SmartPhone.  Just simply connect the SmartPhone via Wi-Fi to the Satellite SatSleeve Hotspot, stay connected and enjoy.

Apple iPhone 13 ProSatellite Calls Straight from Your SmartPhone
proverbs about peace

It’s probably by far, the most portable, capable and adaptable in the industry The SatSleeve Hotspot is the smallest, lightest Satellite Wifi device that also comes with additional safety feature

Enhanced Safety Features

The Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot has a very convenient ability that allows you to choose a predefined number of your Choice to call, just in case. This SOS button when activated will make that outgoing call (when you need to the most) to your chosen number set by you.

help me red button

The great giveaway of the SatSleeve Hotspot is its SOS call button will STILL work even if the smartphone isn’t connected.  How’s that for peace of mind?

Thuraya Satellite Coverage Of The World

Thuraya Satellite Coverage Map Of The WorldThuraya Satellite Coverage Map Of The World

Thuraya logo

Monthly Service Plans

Thuraya Monthly

Monthly Fee

Monthly Bundle

Out of Bundle

Initial Term

Calling Rates

Standard Plan

$29.95 per month

0 MB

$3.50 per MB

12 months

Calls to Thuraya $0.99/min

Seasonal Plan

$40 per month

5 MB

$3.50 per MB

2 month

Calls to Band 1$1.69/min

Internet Plan

$95 per month

20 MB

$3.50 per MB

2 month

SMS Messages $0.49 each

Satellites fly Above all WeathersSatellites fly Above all Weathers
Thuraya Prepaid Scratch Card Refill CardThuraya Prepaid Scratch Card Refill Card

Prepaid Service Plans

Thuraya Prepaid SIMS 

SIM Card



Calls to Thuraya

Calls to Band 1


Regular Plan

$79/SIM (includes $10)

12 months from 1st call

$3.50 per MB

$0.99 per minute

$1.49 per minute

$0.49 each

NOVA Plus Plan

$79/SIM (includes $20)

24 months from 1st call

$3.50 per MB

$0.85 per minute

$0.90 per minute

$0.35 each

Prepaid Vouchers

50-Unit $65

160-Unit $184

500-Unit $565

1000-Unit $1120

Thuraya Prepay Simcard

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