Globalstar was created from a section of Ford Aerospace in 1991 and transformed into a partnership of the worlds most respected communication companies such as Qualcomm. launched there network, with a completely dissimilar architecture, called bent-pipe. It uses a low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation consisting of 48 active satellites, placed in orbit about 900 miles in space above earth.

One unique selling point of the company is that it supplies mobile cellular-equivalent audio quality, using CDMA (see below) developed by Qualcomm, that converts speech signals, as opposed to, Iridium which has a narrower bandwidth. Meaning that audio clearness on Iridium (and Inmarsat) lags a bit behind in this instance.

Globalstar (CDMA) How It Works

A Second Generation Satellite In Orbit
The GSP -1600

In addition, relatively handsets are not expensive and offer near-cellular voice quality, however because of how calls are managed between satellites and ground stations, SatPhone to SatPhone, and SatPhone to land line rates can be high.

Globalstar gsp-1700 satellite phone - silver over $150

CDMA signal developed by Qualcomm was introduced in 1995, it supplies excellent voice and data capacity through the constellation of 48 satellites that make up the Globalstar satellite phone network. As it goes, the CDMA signal is the foundation for 3G communication services world wide.

CDMA transforms speech signal into digital format, transmits it from the Satellite phone to the satellite systems above in space and then down to earth via the ground station.

A unique code is embedded in to every call over the satellite network using mobile satellite modems, which differentiate it from the other calls sharing the airwaves at the same time, providing users with voice and data service they need, from virtually anywhere to everywhere, at an affordable prices for government, business, and private individuals.

The GSP -1700
The GSP -1700

However to make a connection the satellite always needs be able to have both the handset and the base station in sight, hence why there is no coverage over the Earth's poles as there are no satellite orbits.

CDMA was the fastest growing wireless technology. Globalstar linking-up with Qualcomm, preferred this technology to supply satellite communication, the Federal Trade Commission (FCC) officially gave the company, the go-ahead to sell satellite phone services to customers in the USA in December 29, 1999 Globalstar USA announced.  After which they started service in 2000, providing both voice and data service in over 100 countries on six continents, including (must get the continents)

Globalstar USA in July 2000 declared that the handset price for satellite phones will be lowered from $1199.00 to $699.00 (with a duration service commitment). Relatively, the SatPhones and airtime rates they offer are low priced. Price plans now start at $24.95 per month with service rates as low as 99 cents per minute.

The two satellite constellation orbits, see how LEO (Globalstar) is close to the earth and see how GEO is more than 36 times more further out in space, it makes a huge difference on how they work

December 18, 2000 Globalstar US launches Data Services with Internet Access.  Satellite phones can now be used like a wireless modem when land-line service is not available or when outside of mobile-cellular range. This first commercial application of data service through the Globalstar network opens a range of industrial and consumer applications. The Globalstar GSP-1600 phone attaches to a PC or personal digital assistant (PDA) through a cable, giving remote access to the Internet and most email.

With the GPS-1600 Globalstar supplies remote data services, stay connected to the information you need, if you are beyond mobile-cellular coverage, when needed

Its the only SatPhone company with rates so low it can compete with the mobile market and provide a solution to the communication void by giving coverage everywhere in the U.S. and over 100 other countries with both voice and data, suffice to say that over 80% of the earths land surface is not covered by mobile-cellular phone service. In  2002 Globalstar USA/Caribbean brought down air time rates by a massive  80 %, a monstrous reduction in service costings for their most well known SatPhone on the market, that's a mere 17 cents/9 pence per minute, at we like to call this a power mobile communications move, if any thing the mobile-cellular providers better take note. A mobile smartphone simfree on average cost about $500/ $360, which means that, with the list price of satellite phones, having been reduced to $599.00 its relatively cheaper than a Smartphone……go figure.

Explorations into remote areas-The GSP-1700

This unit is the Globalstar FAU-200 manufactured by Ericsson its all weather proof and can be set-up virtually anywhere outdoors, giving access to the network, any desktop telephone or shelf cordless, simply plugs in to the unit.

The FAU-200 provides an economical solution, for help in an emergency, it could be the only means. The FAU-200 has a list price of $369.00 and the antenna doesn’t require aiming or calibration at all, and can have up to three off the shelf extension phones connected to it at the same time

June 18, 2001 Globalstar USA/Caribbean announced FREE Short Messaging Service (SMS) to its data services


When in satellite mode anyone with Internet access can now send a 19-character message to a GSP-1600 hand held SatPhone. Any messages that are not delivered are stored in the Globalstar network, and attempts to deliver are made for five days.

Isolated in remote and rural areas where there is no land line or mobile-cellular service

A provider of high-quality wireless, voice and data communication form virtually anywhere to everywhere.

Its created innovative solutions to aid an enormous number of people that live in remote and rural areas where there is no land line or cellular service, so in the event of an emergency ,Low Cost Fixed Site for SatPhones, in March 18, 2003 was introduced.  The unit is half the price the earlier fixed site phone was.

Prepaid Card basis? Airtime rates are available, and are quite reasonable too. units start from 75 to 750 units.
The Globalstar FAU-200

Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite Hotspot (Satellite Wi- Fi)

Globalstar Sat-Fi will allow your existing Wi-Fi capable devices to receive and send calls, emails and SMS text messages through the latest, most up to date satellite network.

Globalstar Sat-Fi

On land or far out at sea, up to 8 Wi-Fi users can maintain and manage reliable connectivity when well far beyond mobile cellular borders using the Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite Hotspot.  So users can enjoy all these advantages at an affordable price using the industry's top voice quality and the fastest data speeds, in a nut shell, its the full packeage.

Satellite Coverage Map Of The World

Globalstar is just about the lowest cost SatPhone supplier in the world. With a roaming rate of only 1.39 per minute while moving through the  coverage area and when calling back to the U.S.  long distance rates are now just an additional 26 cents per minute calling over 140 countries, and the service plans are adaptable to mirror the way you want to use the satphone, different plans to for different users, it really depends on how, when and what it needs to be used for,such as PERSONAL PREPAID, SHARED PREPAID, MONTHLY SERVICE PLANS, ANNUAL SERVICE PLANS(see below)

Service/Airtime Plans


SatPhone owners that never activated their devices or where service plans expire, GSP-1700, GSP-1600, and GSP-2900 users can now buy personal prepaid cards without a long term contract.

Suffice to say that its easy and cheaper to share a satellite phone if need be, using Shared prepaid cards, these cards lets  someone use someone Else's  SatPhone, that has been activated to make a prepaid call with separate billing. Big companies with lots of staff, who need SatPhones, would relish this the most as a huge number of company SatPhones would not be used all the time by all staff.

Its economical when we know that a Satellite Phone at most, can cost over $ addition sheared cards come 75, 275 and 700 minute increments to match user needs. (Above)


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