Inmarsat Satellite Phones

What is an Inmarsat Satellite Phone

It's a (Geo) SatPhone that supplies secure Satellite connections through a fleet of fifteen Geostationary Telecommunication Satellites, providing voice calls and messaging, for government and private users operating in remote regions and harsh environments around the world.

ISATPHONE-spec-buttonsIsatPhone PRO (GEO SatPhone)

They are lightweight, energy-efficient with up to a huge 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours of standby time with the IsatPhone 2 below.

Inmarsat-Satillite-Phones-user in remote areas icy snow mountainsInmarsat Satellite Phones operate in remote regions and harsh environments around the world.
IsatPhone-2-SpecIsatPhone 2 (GEO SatPhone)

With the many benefits Inmarsat SatPhones offer, they are the perfect choice for when you’re outside of normal Mobile Phone range areas with minimal or non-existent Cell Phone coverage. The handset also features an advanced GPS receiver and a wide range of safety and security features, such as a panic button, an emergency call button and and SOS alert.

How Many Inmarsat (Geo) Satellites Cover in Geostationary Orbit Above the Equator and How Do They Work?

Inmarsat satellite constellation 14

The Inmarsat Satellite constellation consists of a fleet of 15 satellites all 'parked' in specific positions in a Geosynchronous (GEO) orbit approximately 36,000km above the Earth's equator.

Geosynchronous (GEO) SATELLITE orbit approximately 36,000km above the Earth's equator

Delivering three market-leading networks each generation of satellite launched into orbit since 2005 provides a massive array of unrivalled innovative new capabilities that has revolutionized the services Inmarsat provide.

Connected To Everywhere, LAND SEA AIR

Inmarsat is currently on their sixth generation of Satellites. The Satellites are positioned to transmit radio beams in a number of different Global configurations covering the oceans, air and major land masses.


What is the History of the Inmarsat Satellite network?


Inmarsat the UK satellite telecommunications company, originally supplied big fixed installations for ships, founded in 1979 it’s a pioneer in space communications and the industry leader with the launch of Global Xpress worldwide in 2015,  for Inmarsat Satellite Phones, providing high-speed broadband to Sat user terminals.

IsatPhone Pro-case kit
Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite I-5 in flight

Introduced in June 2010, IsatPhone Pro is Inmarsat's first handheld ...

 The fourth and latest entrant into the Satellite Phone arena the IsatPhone-Pro satellite mobile phone handset was the first of Inmarsat Satellite Phones

Inmarsat originated from the International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT), at the request of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nation's maritime body.

It was to enable merchant ships to stay in touch or call for help in an emergency.

All Inmarsat Satellite Phones - Advantages


The oldest satellite communication operator, the Inmarsat Sat network is well developed and has been operational for over forty three years.  Suffice to say that with Inmarsat Satellite Phones, once a connection is made, it is stable.

IsatPhone-Pro-SatIsatPhone-Pro (GEO SatPhone)

In terms of cost The IsatPhone-Pro could probably be the least expensive satellite phone in the market while providing near-global coverage.

IsatPhone Pro Sample colour screen  displays

Their design is simplistic minimalist yet classy conservative finish that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and unique in the design, , the way inmarsat ergonomically designed the antenna to flow with the whole design of the phone is innovative and unique unlike other SatPhones.

Inmarsat  SatPhones are designed to have extended battery life so that you have peace of mind that comfort and security is provided when you need your satellite phone to work for you, in addition Satellite Phones are more shock-resistant, durable, water-resistant, lightweight, easy to carry and reliable.

They are simple to use, with good connection stability and audio quality, this attribute is Inmarsat's most important criteria, as once the IsatPhone-Pro connects into the Inmarsat network, it rarely disconnects during a call, even lasting more than an hour.  Same cannot be said for others.

IsatPhone-2 (GEO SatPhone)

Inmarsat is a dominant entity in the so-called Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) market.

  1. Wireless mobile communication can be established easily through Satellite Phone independent of location
  2. Usually the coding and decoding equipment, provides you Security when making Satellite Phone calls, in addition calls made….
  3. Over long distances, can be cheaper, because…
  4. Satellite Phone call costs are independent of the distance, which means that
  5. Sending and receiving information is independent of distance
  6. You have an open line of communication 24 hours 7 days a week, for complete peace of mind
  7. High capacity in comparison to terrestrial networks.
  8. Inmarsat SatPhone infrastructure and links are designed to work in extreme weather conditions and the same extends to SatPhones made of High-Quality components intended for use in robust rugged conditions if required

Some important highlights potential users need to know about Inmarsat SatPhones:

  • Handsets are rugged yet inexpensive.
  • For the handset to work; Antennas must be extended
  • For non-technical users; The display provides excellent simple navigation and is colour
  • Prepaid or post-paid basis airtime rates are available, as with all of the other carriers and are quite reasonable too.
  • For emergency requests, it computes your location for sending your coordinates proficiently.
  • Depending upon your orientation to the Equator, you must have a clear view of the horizon, either north or south for the very best signal.

Explorations into remote areas-IsatPhone Pro

The two satellite constellation orbits, notice how LEO (iridium) is so close to the earth and see how GEO is more than 36 times more further out in space this makes a huge difference on how they work

iSatPhone Prepaid Airtime SIM Cards for Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 and iSatPhone Pro . 

iSatPhone Prepaid satellite phones Airtime SIM Cards for Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 and iSatPhone Pro

Unit Per Card




Outgoing SMS

Minute Rate

50 Units


38 min

30 Days



100 Units


77 min

90 Days



250 Units


192 min

180 Days



500 Units


385 min

365 Days



1000 Units


769 min

365 Days



2500 Units


1923 min

365 Days



5000 Units


3846 min

365 Days



What is the Inmarsat Wideye iSavi, IsatHub Portable Satellite Internet Wifi Hotspot Terminal

The Wideye iSavi terminal is an extremely portable class 3 BGAN made for Inmarsat's iSatHUB service offering easy connection to Android and iOS Apps.

inmarsat Wideye-iSavi talk text-internet

Allowing you to convert your SmartPhone or tablet into a Satellite device from anywhere globally.

Wideye iSavi terminal - the first and only satellite terminal developed for Inmarsat’s IsatHub service.

Its lightweight, very portable and is quick and too easy to set up enabling you to get online via a Satellite connection within minutes, no technical expertise or training needed.  Use Smartphones and Tablets As SatPhones and SatData Devices With this Satellite Wifi Hotspots

Advantages of Inmarsat Satellite Internet WiFi Hotspot

Global Coverage

  • With just one satellite in geostationary orbit can provide coverage to cover a whole continent or an ocean, through these Satellite links at any location on earth you can communicate through your Sat device
  • Plus in addition Satellite wide area coverage makes internet access quick and easy despite all sorts of geographical obstacles
  • Cost Effective internet


iSatHub 50

iSatHub 100

iSatHub 250

iSatHub 500







6 Months

6 Months

12 Months

12 Months

Data Megabytes

50 Megabytes

100 Megabytes

250 Megabytes

500 Megabytes





Voice Minutes

250 Minutes

500 Minutes

1275 Minutes

2580 Minutes






330 SMS

625 SMS

1660 SMS

3330 SMS

Activation Fee





Reload Card Within card validity





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