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Iridium Satellite Phones, produced by Iridium, the company is one the leading providers of Satellite communication in the world.

What is so good about Iridium satellite phones?

Iridium 9555 (LEO SatPhone) button functionsIridium 9555 (LEO SatPhone)

With an Iridium Satellite Phone, it is more than possible to stay connected even in the most remote areas on Earth.  As Staying connected in remote locations is not that much of a challenge with an Iridium SatPhone, if at all.

Iridium in remote areasStaying Connected In Remote locations With Iridium SatPhones

How Many Iridium (Leo) Satellites Cover in Low Earth Orbit and How Do They Work?

Iridium Phones are Satellite Phones, that uses the Iridium constellation of 66 low earth orbit (LEO) communication Satellites to provide global coverage

These Satellites communicate with each other directly in space, and also link up to ground stations in thirteen different spots around the world

Iridium is a constellation of 66 low earth orbit (LEO) communication satellitesIridium is a constellation of 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communication Satellites

with any phone, anywhere, including adequate coverage of the North and South Pole.


Why are Iridium SatPhones perfect for use in harsh environments?

Iridium extreme 9575 (LEO SatPhone) features and functionsIridium extreme 9575 (LEO SatPhone)

Because not only are they custom made to be reliable from the ground up, but in addition Iridium Satellite Phones are made to be rugged, rough and ready within the harshest of environments


They are fundamentally equipped with a variety of features such as text messaging, voice calling GPS tracking, and made to be easy to use, with simple controls and intuitive menus

Iridium Satellite Phones Screen2
Iridium Satellit Phones Screen

This means that where traditional cellular networks are not available, Iridium SatPhones will take over by keeping your line of communication open when you need it the most. Perfect for adventurers, travellers and anyone who must stay connected in remote locations.


What is the History of the Iridium Satellite network?

Motorola In 1997 launched the very first low earth orbit (LEO) satellite network, to supply handheld Satellite communication services (voice and Data) anywhere in the world.

Motorola logo
An Iridium Circling Orbiting satelliteAn Iridium Circling Orbiting satellite

They called this constellation system of Satellites Iridium; they crisscross the globe on a continual basis at around 17,000 miles (27,359 kilometer) per hour.

Iridium Satellite Phones can communicate through this infrastructure with any phone, anywhere, including adequate coverage of the North and South Pole.


All Iridium Satellite Phones - Advantages


One of the main advantages of Iridium is that even when an iridium Satellite phone is in a canyon or blocked by mountain ranges, can still obtain signal as the Satellites fly overhead at different intervals and angles.

Iridium 9505A (LEO SatPhone)Iridium 9505A (LEO SatPhone)

Suffice to say that it‘s the only Satellite network that works at the North and South Poles. Iridium SatPhones will function with the antennas retracted, but reliability and coverage will suffer slightly.

Iridium-9555-SAtPhoneIridium 9555 (LEO SatPhone)

Iridium handsets are small, and are in their fourth generation design. The 9555 (last generation) is probably iridium’s best Satellite handset, however they have introduced the 9575 Extreme with enhanced options- WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities for data and remote headsets.

Iridium extreme 9575 (LEO SatPhone)Iridium extreme 9575 (LEO SatPhone)

What is the main advantage of Iridium Satellite Phones

So the main advantage of the Iridium LEO system is the Satellites' close proximity to the ground, which enables them to communicate with minimal time delay in terms of latency. So for you, in remote areas, this constellation is ideal for services that are delay sensitive such as voice communication and GPS coordination.

Iridium-Extreme_Safety-YellowIridium Extreme Safety Yellow (LEO SatPhone)

Iridium accommodate different price entry brackets, this means they are designed to be affordable and available in a variety of price points.  This makes Iridium SatPhones accessible to a wide range of users who need to stay connected in remote areas

Iridium Extreme in Sporting CamoIridium Extreme in Sporting Camo (LEO SatPhone)

How ever one must take note of the way the constellation works, as Iridium can have minor coverage problems, due to your location on the earth’s surface and that of the closest Satellite.


Benefits of Having Global Coverage with an Iridium Phone

With iridium SatPhones users can stay connected even in the most remote areas, such as the North and South Pole, how?

Iridium Coverage Map - Its EverywhereIridium Coverage Map - Its Everywhere

Iridium is a constellation of 66 low earth orbit communication satellites that crisscross the globe and is the only Satellite Phone network that covers the whole planet, including the poles. Great Advantage for scientists, researchers and explorers who work in these regions

Iridium SatPhones are for those that travel to remote areas, such as the jungle or desert. Useful to users that need to stay connected even in the most remote locations, where traditional cellular networks are unavailable or unreliable

Iridium Satellite Phones provide life saving features that make them attractive to travellers, such as being equipped with SOS buttons, giving users the ability to quickly send out an emergency signal if they are in clear and present danger

Iridium_9575_extreme_SOS_red-buttonThe Red Button

Location history of the SatPhones can be tracked; SOS panic alert buttons are present and can even send GPS coordinates.

Explorations into remote areas-Iridium Extreme 9575Explorations into remote areas-Iridium Extreme 9575
lEO AND GEO orbit elevationslEO AND GEO orbit elevations

The two Satellite constellation orbits, notice how LEO (iridium) is so close to the earth and see how GEO is more than 36 times more further out in space

Iridium GO!NOW

What is Iridium GO?

In remote areas and thinking of access, and then you lack terrestrial connectivity? Satellite internet through a Satellite hot spot is the ONLY and most cost-effective means of Speed Internet Access in un-served remote locations. This is available to you NOW.

Iridium GO! Satellite Smartphone WiFi HotspotIridium GO! Satellite Smartphone WiFi Hotspot a small, lightweight, and rugged satellite communicator
apple logo
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 512GB
Android logo

Can I turn my Mobile Phone into a Satellite Phone?

The Iridium GO! Is an Iridium device that acts as a Global Satellite WiFi Hotspot, providing your iPhone, iPad or Android SmartPhone, tablet or laptop access to the Internet wherever you can get a Satellite signal on the Earth’s surface.

Can you access the Internet with an Iridium GO?

When connected, Iridium GO allows access TO the Internet, global voice calling and texting straight from your smart devices, while roaming in remote areas around the world.

Iridium GO app

What is the Iridium GO App?

Theses Satellite messaging solutions and enhanced data capabilities to meet your unique needs are offered through The Iridium GO! App

lets users connect over Sat-Fi where you can send Satellite SMS text messages, make phone calls, post Twitter updates, SOS alerts and GPS activations in the event of an emergency is Covered - Everywhere! No roaming charges and worries


Advantages of Satellite Internet WiFi

  • The number one beneficial advantage that Satellite Internet Wi-Fi hotspot devices such as Iridium GO! Provide you, is the substantially large amounts of money it CAN save you, how?
iridium-go-connect-upto-5-devicesIridium GO! Connect upto 5 Devices. YOU SAVE MONEY!

  • Satellite phones are a lot more expensive than traditional Mobile Phones in-fact one of the main disadvantage of Satellite Phones is their overall cost of which can be prohibitive for some users

  • Iridium GO! Satellite Internet WiFi Hot Spot is a unique device that allows you to convert and transform your SmartPhone into a Satellite Phone, that gives you access to the global wide-reaching coverage of the Satellite Global Network, without having to buy any expensive Satellite Phone hardware

Iridium-GO-convert SmartPhone-into satPhone save MONEY

  • This device is not only designed to provide you with substantial amounts of financial money savings plus also, in addition to this, it gifts you the best of both worlds, allowing you to use your phone as a satellite phone and a normal regular phone at the same time

  • Iridium GO! Powered by the Iridium network, connects iOS or Android SmartPhones, expanding your coverage area to…the whole entire planet. Iridium GO! Overcomes the limits of Mobile networks, where you will expand your adventures


  • Subject to the package you get when on location, Satellite speeds can be ten to thirty four times faster than dialup

  • Cost Effective internet

  • Uniform performance irrespective of location
iridium-Go-Spec Pic and Discreption
Transform your SmartPhone to a Satellite Phone using the Iridium GO! WiFi Satellite Hotspot
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