So which Headphones do you need? Could be confusing to decide, but at the end of the day it is a questions of on-ear or over ear

Ok, THE BOTTOM LINE IS. your musical taste, the size of your wallet and even your physical shape and other aspects such as wight and size of the headphones, which type of headphones you prefer will really depend on how much cash you have for them.

Headphones for Mobile Phones - on-ear or over-ear

The different types on offer are very obvious by just looking at them,

on-ear head-phones the cups sit on your ear and have a headband........

....and over-ear have larger cups that cover your entire ear. 

As we know most headphones are the wired headphones, However, Mobile users can also get Bluetooth headphones that provide a wire-free experience.

We have looked at some of the headphones for your SmartPhone, on the market, and gathered some of the best brands that are around right now.  But we shall break it down to fit different personal audio requirements like best Bluetooth wireless headphones, Best ones for value, best for audio, best for exercise, best headphones for bass, and so on. On a budget?  As for price, there is a wide range of headphones covering a set of prices, all you need to do is see what fits your needs so we hope you find something that fits.

So starting with the best budget headphones where all entries are above £50

Best Headphones: top headphones for smartphones

Best On Ear Headphones

Onkyo ES-HF300 On-Ear Head-phones RRP: £179 inc VAT

Onkyo ES-HF300 On-Ear RRP: £179 inc VAT

First thing to not is that the cable of this model has been optimised for sound, for this reason there's no mic or remote, however you do get the tangle-free OFC lead with elastomer insulation plus it's natty see-through that plugs into the base of each earpiece.

These ones are good general-purpose over-head head-phones, but of high-quality and one can appreciate the price for the tech under the hood, a good one from the far-east.

The sound is crisp but yet lush, brilliant treble with detailed quality, Like many far-eastern ones.  The music mix output shows good imagination of how good music should sound like, all channels well balance for all genres of music.  

A neat trick the ES-HF300 can do is  that it can fold flat by turning the earpieces 90 degrees which helps when traveling as they are relatively light and comes with a nylon soft carry case.

Audio-Technica ATH-WS99 On-Ear Headphones RRP: £79 inc VAT

The Audio-Technica ATH are described as acoustically sealed, said to minimise bass sound leakage but not all, making them less suitable as a headphone to use on public transport.

The ATH-WS99 are styled in black plastic with polished metal details, predominantly it is a large-driver design.  Established in 1962 this Japanese company is used to recording studios and audiophiles.

These have superior comfort levels, higher than the norm and in addition have great premium head sound that's big, well-balanced, versatile yet relaxed.
The Audio-Technica on-ear Hphones do deliver both in sound and comfort plus the the price seems right.

Bowers & Wilkins-P5 On-Ear Wireless Headphones £329.99 inc VAT

Want to go wireless but with a bit of upper class with it and are you looking for premium but want to go wireless?  Then look no further than B&W who shout the fact that the P5 don't MobilePhone discriminate in other words B&W P5 Wireless Headphones are “platform agnostic” meaning they will happily work with any phone regardless, with Android as well as iPhones – and basically any other phone, tablet, laptop or PC with Bluetooth.

Bowers & Wilkins is a British company who have already made an impression on the consumer tech world with its headphones and AirPlay speakers
No need to remove usual ear buds when walking away from the the listening device, no snagging cords on bags and clothing while travelling.  While still having the advantage of never having to untwist a birds’ nest of wires as we do each morning with wired phones. But with Bluetooth wireless, MobilePhone users only need to "switch on and go".

Bowers and Wilkins P3 On-Ear Headphones RRP: £169

Bowers & Wilkins have delivered an excellent balance of price in the design, build quality and sound performance with the P3 for the price of £169, above all for some MobilePhone users they are comfortable and a stylish pair of portable headphones to simply look at.  And for those on the go the P3 allows you to a fold them and use the hard plastic case that comes with it.

For Bowers and Wilkins yet again an excellent design when it comes to build quality, while having a distinctive expensive look and feel that's further highlighted by the brushed aluminium earpieces and the super smooth action when extending and retracting the earpieces from the headband.

And the great thing here is that they have an in built microphone designed for use with iPhones, iPad and iPod touch using the  have the in-line remote control.  In other words MobilePhone users can use the P3 for hands-free calls, control volume and playback music.

KEF M500 On-Ear Headphones RRP: £250 inc VAT

The KEF M500 is not only made for MobilePhone users who are usually on the go, as they come with a hard carry storage case and because of the folding design (smart hinge) it allows the earpieces to swivel 90 degrees which in turn makes them more adaptable for travelling.

The M500 headphones sound clear and well balanced besides these headphones are
KEF's very first pair of headphones with an excellent build quality which you can just tell by just looking at them, looks like a stylish and comfortable design.  

Creative-Hitz-WP380-Wireless-On-Ear-Headphones RRP: £89.99 inc. VAT

These headphones hardly allows to much noise to escape to the outside world, in addition they are comfortable to wear being on-ear and the sound out-put quality is great.  So in a nut shell the Creative Hitz WP380 wireless Bluetooth head-phones provides sound quality, wireless freedom and comfort.  Now a days wired headphones are beginning to look like the primitive early man of headphones, why?  Because once you've used Bluetooth head-phones it so hard to go back to using wired ones, besides if you look around town on the bus on the trains and most places you'll see Mobile Users enjoying their music with without wires. 

But the Creative Hitz WP380 are versatile in a way that they allow for both wireless and wired listening, just in case the headphones runout of power, however do note that even though they are lightweight, at the same time they are a solid set of headphones.  

Now when it comes to NFC Apple users may be missing out at the moment, why?  Because just about every Windows Phone and Android have NFC.  Apple users are really missing out on the tap-to-pair NFC feature, until Apple wakes up to the benefits and delights that NFC have to offer.

With the Creative Hitz WP380 Bluetooth headphones you can share your music with another headphone user, all together wirelessly.  Creative have named this ShearMe, the possibilities for mobile users is a lot; listening to music, or whatever together, or watching a movie together with friends but yet as individuals, each having their own controls (like volume)  during your travels in a car, bus or a long-haul flight.

The bottom line unfortunately for Apple’s iPhone users,  can't yet do NFC tap-to-pair with speakers including other accessories like the Creative Hitz WP380 wireless on-ear headphones can. 

The two-year warranty immediately give MobilePhone users confidence and peace of mind, besides it's also well appreciated. Designed with the traveler in mind it's lightweight and the headphones can fold to be packed into the inclusive soft travel case, along with a charger should the battery run down.  

With these mobile users may forget that that they are wearing headphones at all as they are very light at only 105g.  And in addition the padded ear cushions are soft and comfortable.

Sennheiser-MM 400-X Bluetooth On-Ear Headset RRP £179.99 inc. VAT

The Sennheiser MM 400-X Bluetooth head-phones are still versatile and do offer MobilePhone Users true portability, and it can go wireless or wired while offering excellent audio.  they are comfortable but yet robust however its sound quality beats other Bluetooth head-phones, so  at £179 they're not cheap but maybe worth the money.  With this phones MobilePhone users can control the music (volume and playlist controls) using the head-phones themselves.

Best Over Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Urbanite XL-Wireless Over-Ear Head-Phones £249 inc VAT

As wires are steadily becoming extent  a thing of the past and Sennheiser has made their mark on Wireless Bluetooth with the Urbanite XL over-ear headphones which output decent 

They give decent sound with Bluetooth, providing penetrating bass without going overboard.  The bonus features are NFC, a touchpad for control and a microphone for calls, and  predominantly built with plastic; theses headphones are somewhat bulky.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL-Wireless Over-Ear Headphones £249 inc VAT

The bottom line is that Overall, the sound out-put of the Sennheiser Urbanite XL-Wireles headphones is well above average, it's good with powerful drivers coupled with well balanced tuning.

These Over-Ear Cans obviously get their name from the wooden backs that make them distinctive looking at the earpieces.

Griffin WoodTones Over-Ear Headphones RRP: £75 inc VAT

They are no doubt a nice pair of over-ear head-phones which the company claims, the wooden housings improves voice and bass frequencies without going over the top.

In fact choosing timber in the production is more than just for looks. It's been well known that acoustic qualities of certain tonewoods affect the sound of musical instruments.

The wood finish could be like a breath of fresh air as most headphones are dominantly made and finished in matt black plastic  that nice contrasts the pale wood.  You can control the WoodTones via the inline controller.

The ear pieces are well padded and comfortably and gives the ear lots of space. The WoodTones are not all that expensive neither, are they exactly cheap, however the fine premium construction with added excellent sound and sleek fashionable design make them worthy of the investment.  Let's just say you'll have pride of ownership with these ones.

Beats by Dre Studio Over-Ear Headphones RRP £269.95 inc VAT

Beats by Dre Studio Over-Ear Head-Phones RRP £269.95 inc VAT

The Beats Studio is two things; first,  they seem to be more than headphones these days but also as  desirable fashion accessories.  

However  let's make no mistake that they are powerful headphones, excellent for electronic music or hip-hop so if your predominantly a bass head then these will be great for you, however look elsewhere if you need more rounded performance.

Weather it's through marketing or the fact that these HeadPhones are not only endorsed but also engineered by Dr Dre, or for what other reasons, pound for pound they are (Beats by Dre) the most desirable and most sort after headphones to the masses.
Most places in public around the world, you would see a lot of people enjoying their music on the tube or bus, any plane, train and you will most probably see Mobile Phone users with a serious pair of cans over their heads. 

The colors

The noise cancelling capabilities of these HeadPhones, is just about second to none. With very little audio leakage if any at all even on high volume.  So this means that if you want to listen to music at full BLAST in public like say on the bus, train or in the library, and at the same time not disturb and annoy other people, then these HeadPhone by Dre Beats Studios will effortlessly do the job

Good to look at, nicely constructed and comfy to use. With only a couple of minor caveats we are impressed with the MeElectronics Atlas Orion.  Good Audio quality, but not great.  however at this price it makes the MeElectronics Atlas Orion a headset worth purchasing.

MeElectronics Atlas Orion - Over-Ear Head-Phones

With low profile easy touch control buttons on the processor lid for selecting inputs and effects, in other words the routine controls are super efficient and accessible through the actual phones themselves. 

Sony MDR-HW700DS-9.1 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones RRP: £450 inc. VAT

Ok so you have to shell out some money here, however these are highly rated wireless surround headphones, compare them to an actual physical multichannel speaker system, great for when you feel the need to pump up the volume, the noise insulation is excellent and they completely capsulate you into your own music world.  Theses cans are pioneering for being the first to promise virtual 9.1 listening experience.  They've been engineered for use with any HDMI source who he makes them one of the most versatile cans out there, these high-concept headphones that would feel at home in any environment, private movie session, gaming and the rest.

SONY have gone all out on these cans, why?  When you switch the Sony MDR-HW700DS, it signals your TV to mute the speakers as it notices the MDR-HW700DS as an external sound origin.  Wirelessly using either 2.4GHz and 5GHz to connect with the HDMI base station.

And as for the Games mode, there is hardly enough room to review all, let's just say SONY brought in there top sound engineer designers at Sony Computer Entertainment.

Now if you really know your headphones you can tell the difference between dynamic drivers (Shure SE535 Earphones) and balanced armature (Sony MDR-HW700DS-9.1) if you don't all you need to know is headphones use one or the other but not both (yet).  However note that each has its pros and cons, dynamic drivers provide better bass and warmth for mid-tones and balanced armature delivering exceptional detail and clarity for high frequencies.

Sony MDR-1RBT Over-Ear wire/wireless Head-Phones RRP: £339 inc VAT

The Sony MDR-1RBT, is not a bad a looking pair of headphones, the right size and comfortable and small enough to be worn around the neck or thrown in your bag when on the move.  This is Sony's attempt at making wireless headphones even more convenient for mobile phone users — with Bluetooth 3.0 in the mix, on-body controls, integrated microphone, rechargeable battery and Near-Field Communications (NFC) chip.

These headphones equally sound good whether you’re wired or wireless, infact connecting with Bluetooth does boost to the bass and treble, plus mobile users have the convenience of NFC that's if you have a compatible mobile. 

The earpieces are On the large side, however they do really cover your ears, whiles cutting out a lot of  outside noise.

Must be said though, that due to their sheer size,  the over-ear design is quite large which make them more suitable to indoor use.  

Denon AH-D600 Over-Ear Headphones RRP: £350 inc VAT

The sound quality that these head-phones give Is unmistakably rich and plush, featuring quality stitched leather, they are so comfy they could pass of as ear muffs, even under the headband provides a luxurious fit and feel. 

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