So which Earphones do you need to Discover True Sound?  Could be confusing to decide, but at the end of the day it is a questions of what your needs are

Ok, THE BOTTOM LINE IS. your musical taste, the size of your wallet and even your physical shape and other aspects such as wight and size of the headphones, which type of headphones you prefer will really depend on how much cash you have for them.

Earphones for Mobile Phones

The different types of earphones on offer are very obvious by just looking at them,

in-ears are small earbuds that goes into your ear canal.

Gels that moulds into the ear

As we know most Earphones are the wired headphones, However, Mobile users can also get Bluetooth headphones that provide a wire-free experience.

We have looked at some of the headphones for your SmartPhone, on the market, and gathered some of the best brands that are around right now.  But we shall break it down to fit different personal audio requirements like best Bluetooth wireless headphones, Best headphones for value, best headphones for audio, best headphones for exercise, best headphones for bass, and so on. On a budget?  As for price, there is a wide range of headphones covering a set of prices set of prices, all you need to do is see what fits your needs so we hope you find something that fits.

So starting with the best budget headphones where all entries are under £50

Best earphones: 10 top in ear headphones (earbuds) for smartphones

Sennheiser CX300-II Headphones

Most probably the earbuds that came with your MobilePhone are normal, very basic. With in-ear HeadPhones like these that are lightweight as the supplied ones but with more bass, increased clarity and more.  With this one, make no mistake that you will be upgrading your audio effectively in addition, adapters for differently sized ears are supplied.  

Sennheiser CX300-II Earphones

On the headphone cable so you don't need to remove the SmartPhone from your pocket is the volume control .  At only £29 you can't go wrong.   amazon.com

Sennheiser MM 30i Earphones - £50

Simple to travel with, only issue is the super Sennheisers gets tangled a bit too easily.  It's low-frequency ability makes these really good for the money.  Included in the box are Three pairs of tips, take note that while the middle-sized tip goes deep into the ear, the flip-side is you get very good noise isolation that works well in noisy areas.  It has a super-slim cable and puts out a sound much bigger than you'd expect especially at this price. 

While the in-line remote is another factor, It does work very well, however its call answering button and volume toggle are compatible only with iPhones and iPads. 

Swedish produce earphones takes a stab at the annoying problem of Tangled earphones with completely flat cables, as tangled earphones are a big problem  so the a-JAYS One+are like a breath of fresh air.  And at the price it's a great attempt at bringing hands-free options to more users in the  SmartPhone community.  And the good thing about this one is that It connects to all brands of MobilePhones with the L-shaped 3.5 jack, answer calls and control the volume easily, music out-put handles well, above its price-point, well detailed bass and well-rounded. 

a-JAYS One+ Earphones - £40

While noise isolation is good as well?

Folded up in a pocket, the a-JAYS One+ will spring back to shape and more easier to manoeuvre.  Comfortable in the ear, comes with five pairs of tips to choose from.

Soundmagic-e10M-Earphones - £45

First The detailing is apparent  within a rich power bass-heavy sound, comes with an array of tips no less than six choices of tips as well as a posh drawstring bag for storage on the move, a major aspect is that they make an excellent seal against outside noise.  With the E10Ms its about isolation and available for this price, it has one of the most balanced sounds for all-round audio listening.  When compared,
it's a relatively generous package.  

The SoundMagic E10Ms are one the best performing in-earphones at this low cost.

You must take note that the in-line remote, works only for iPhones. 

As you know, when You use a pair of in-ears like every day,  they start to show signs of wear. For this reason Klipsch created the S5i Rugged with anti-tangle, durable cord, a well built pair of in-ears that looks like it's been made for rough action even the remote and headphone are moisture-resistant, however in real life the S5i do very well on the daily commute equally. 
Ok then the bottom line is that they are  solid with some slight leaning towards ruggedness, that makes it versatile than most.  

While audio quality is really good and well set up for both podcasts and music, they're rain-proof,  Note that they are officially discontinued, but on the flip side these are an absolute steal on the Internet.

Klipsch-Image-S5i-Rugged Earphones - £63

Yes they are resistant to water, granted, they’re not outstandingly tough, whilst the remote is nice and chunky, the sound is good.

Etymotic Research HF5 - £110 Earphones

The HF5s produces a full sound that covers a wide space adequately and does it in great detail, with cracking bass and precise mid-range. There is a multitude of low-end and high-end earbuds, However Research HF5s have come up with one that hits the mid-price-range spot with the main aspect being noise isolation. 

Must be noted however, that They don't have hands-free and in-line controls, but they compensate for this fact with a big performance. 

Apart from the tips being very comfortable, in addition they push the HF5s noise isolation skills even further, with good metal construction they are Well-Built, and the there's another bonus for travellers in that there is a handy pouch. 

With the C5 each cable is bent backward to create an ear loop, what's unique here is how they attach to your ears.  Just tweak and adjust to fit and it's easy to wear, the C5s feel far more secure to even exercise in.  With in-line controls to answer calls and volume control, take note that they only work with an iPhone.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 Earphones - £150

Lightweight wight design and made to fit a shirt pocket, while the sound-output quality is way above average, the reason for their popularity is a unique skill at blocking out noise.  Hence why many savvy travellers are seen using a pair of US-produced Westones, at 15g (0.53oz) they're very light. 

Westone 2 True Fit, In-Ear - £200

Now a bonus here is the array of different types of tips provided - not normally provided this way, while all the tips provide a snug fit similar to earplugs, talk about cutting out noise.  Even the cable provided is specifically optimised for good sound, note that there is no remote or mics, however, one thing that you do get is a tangle-free OFC lead with see-through elastomer insulation.  

Made for the traveller in mind, why?  It's completed with a cased travel pouch even with a belt-loop.  All this attributes makes the Westone 2 True Fits an excellent travel companion.

With the AH-C400s the cable is covered wth plastic which make it tougher than most and they may survive damaging altercations than most others that may not.  But further more the plastic covering in addition means that when the AH-C400s taken out from your pocket or bag, its too easy to untangle and arrange.  In fact it's really innovative that Danone boast about a 'tangle-free' cable creation that for once, can live up to its name.

Japanese audio brand Denon are better known for their bigger, audiophile-grade and home-centric headphones,  here makes more than an attempt at something positively radical looking.

The Denon AH-C400s - In-Ear

While the in-line remote control is somewhat long, however it's slender, with the  buttons raised making it very easy to locate just by touch alone.  Note that the in-line controls only work with iPhone.

The  Denon AH-C400s cuts out ambient noise, producing clear details with plenty of bass as well, but it's not overdone.  The actual earpieces are somewhat large, however  light enough to stay in place.

For starters some might say these earphones look unusually unique and some Mobile Users may say that the ear hooks look uncomfortable but then again the hooks could make it very secure on the ear especially for active people.  But the huge "however" is that there is a lot to like about the sound quality and how it's put together.

Rock Jaw Kommand in-ear Earphones - RRP: £119 inc VAT

First we had the Alpha Genus from Rock Jaw and now the Kommand IEM which is in a way like a trade up, including from other sub-£50 headphones, at more than twice that price it's something you'd expect.

The Kommand IEM actually offers you sound versatility in a way that Mobile Users can change the properties of the sound using the three sets of screw-in components you get with the headphones. Best of all  for us is that The Kommand has a hand-build aspect to it, being crafted from aluminium and high quality ebony, in addition has a built-in microphone and button situated on the left-hand ear-bud wire that works with Android, Windows and iOS (Apple) Phones to skip tracks and pause including answering calls, even calling and activating Siri with a long press on an iPhone ready for your voice command hence the name Kommand is appropriate.

First of, the striking classy metallic-red design and Solid stainless steel is what may get you at first, then you may ask if they sound as good as they look? Yes they do, they sound Precise and Lively, due to the SuperDarts dual drivers built into each ear,  does well with all genres of music to heavy metal and rock down to simple acoustic music.

Atomic Floyd SuperDarts red-on-white Earphones - £200

All three tips provided have been designed to further all effectively keep out noise. The cable design is tangle-free which comes with its travel pouch. The in-line remote control of the SuperDart is so easy to use both for volume controls and and answering calls.  Also Included is a flight adaptor and a 6.3mm adaptor.


From the start, lets just say Shure is always sure to deliver, look at it this way, in the media and music industry Shure are the earphones of choice, so the Shure SE535 confirms and solidifies there excellent reputation.

Shure SE535 Earphones - £400

 Whilst they are equipped with three drivers inside, and even though they look unusual the SE535 sound great, why?  Inside each earpiece is a tweeter and two woofers. It's like taking full size woofers and a tweeter, and then shrinking it to fit inside an earpiece, the sound that comes out is so clear it sounds like it's liveCue music with deep amazing clarity, rich bass line and a butch mid-range that's hard to find on cheap earphones.

Ok, so they're not cheap, and they are not replacement earphones, these are the real deal, they must be needed. 

Some mobile users could consider them bulky, but it's not until you spoil yourself to a pair of earbuds like these, that you realise how live music can sound. These are brilliant, if you're privileged to get a pair, you will hear music in different ways most earphones can only dream of, including some headphones too.

Pound for pound the MA450i is not by far the cheapest of headphones you can purchase, however you do get well above average benefits for the money. 

RHA MA450i in-ear earphones RRP: £40 inc VAT

Great sound quality coupled with good design, with an array of features and all this without even breaking the bank at only less than £40.  A classy looking pair of in-ear built by British specialists RHA.

Finished with a gold-plated 3.5mm jack at the end of a 1.5-metre fabric-braided cable that isn’t just for show, why?  It’s difficult to kink and bend than normal rubber casings; the body is formed with glossy black plastic and aluminium, headphones for those who don’t need to shout.

The  microphone is integrated, ready for voice commands.  With 3 buttons MobilePhone users can control the volume up or down, as well as start and stop playback on compatible phones.

Would you like noise cancelling features on your in-ear headphones like the sort you get from on-ear and over, but don't need a big pair?  then look no further than the QC20 headphones besides they are Bose's first in-ears to have the technology.

The noise cancelling ability is the unique selling point of the QC20 headphones.  

Bose QuietComfort 20 in-ear Headphones RRP: £239 inc VAT

As its name says, they give you quite comfort and cancels out the noise around you (here comes the science) by using 2 tiny calibrated microphones on each ear bud that listens to the frequencies of noise around you then those frequencies are taken away, leaving just music.  the sensational noise cancelling ability, comfortable design make these a great buy.

The QC20 StayHear+ tips are designed in such a way that they stay well in place with an extra section that sits in the MobilePhone users ear. As you would expect, there are three different tip sizes for these headphones, all designed for a snug fit.

Have you ever had a poor experience with a mobile phone company? Don’t worry it's very common -  We feel that mobile phone retailers maybe somewhat sterile, too focused on sales and not looking after their customers in the long-term.

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