Bluetooth Earphones

So which Bluetooth earphones do you need? Could be confusing to decide, but at the end of the day it is a questions of WIRELESS OR NOT WIRELESS 

of the Earphones, which type you prefer will really depend on how much cash you have for them.


Bluetooth Earphones for Mobile Phones - in-ear

As we know most headphones are the wired headphones, However, Mobile users can also get Bluetooth earphones that provide a wire-free experience.

We have looked at some of the Earphones for your SmartPhone, on the market, and gathered some of the best brands that are around right now.  But we shall break it down to fit different personal audio requirements like best Bluetooth Earphones, Best Bluetooth in-ear Earphones for value, for audio, best for exercise, best Bluetooth Earbuds for bass, and so on. On a budget?  As for price, there is a wide range of Bluetooth Earphones covering a set of prices, all you need to do is see what fits your needs so we hope you find something that fits.

Best earphones: top in ear headphones (earbuds) for smartphones

iT7s2-Wireless Sport in-ear Earphones

Bluetooth granted do have their general issues with audio but let face it, it's wireless OK, you can't really complain to much, think what it was like before Bluetooth, so a hundred pounds is actually really good and these ones (below) are comfortable to use plus overall a good solid pair of ear phones, solid headset for the gym.  In addition you can make and receive hands-free calls from Bluetooth phones using the in-built microphone.

iT7s2-Wireless Sport in-ear Earphones £99 inc VAT

There's a lot to like about the iT7s2, well built, its comfortable to use offers very good audio, using it is easy and the battery life is adequate, iT7 claims a talk time of up to eight hours.  These will use Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or tablet.  As for Battery life battery,  you'll have music playback of up to seven hours with an substantial standby time of up to 180 hours.

MeElectronics Atlas Orion - over-ear Headphones.

To end with the audio quality is good and above average, but not the best. However for these Headphones at this price, are worth buying.  Plus they look Good, comfortable to use and overall well put together. 

Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak bluetooth Fitness in-ear Headphones RRP: £89 inc VAT

These are the Denon AH-W150 Exercise in-ear wireless earphones that produces plenty of bass and overall high quality sound, and the sweet thing about this these one is that even when turned up to maximum volume the battery will still last for about a good comfortable six hours .  While they are excellent for everyday use they are primarily developed for exercise enthusiasts because when they are hooked on to your ears, the earphones will not fall off at all.

The actual earbuds are simple round silicon tips.  MobilePhone users can wear them in two different ways , each comfortable but producing a different sound experience.

We are going with the fact that they are wireless in addition they produce excellent volume and sound quality and at an affordable price.
Pairing the AH-W150 earphones with compatible Bluetooth devices is dead easy.

Brainwavz BLU 100 - Bluetooth Earbuds

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