Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones

Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones are the next standard up from Upper Mid-Range PAYG Mobile Phones . They normally cost any thing from £425 and £750 and up and then some.  They are fully loaded with the very latest hardware and features a mobile phone has to offer.

These mobiles are the flagship phones of the mobile phone producers because with most, its all about the latest and most current phone that could be used for business or personal use with a touch of "Tech FOMO".

The latest Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung, this is the best opportunity to define what the true essence of a SmarPhone is, its definition In addition to being able to make and receive calls.

Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones are the best opportunity to define what the true essence of a SmarPhone is on the highest level BUT  with no committed contracts.

These mobile phones support  other services such as email, MMS, Internet access, short-range wireless communications (Bluetooth, infrared and WiFi), gaming and photography, business applications. Mobile phones that provide these and more general computing capabilities are known as SmartPhones.

Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones

Top tier  Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones are high specification phones that are virtually computers but these ones can fit into the palm of your hand and into your pocket.

.......extremely fast processors, cameras that effortlessly cope with HD video recording and........

Motorola Edge 20 Flagship PAYG SmartPhone for £429.99  super-slim 5G.  Triple Camera and crystal cleare 6.7" scren design hi-spec cam capable of capturing 4k video, the Motorola Edge 20 exhibits class, style and quality, most of all squeezes a lot of flagship features with a budget price tag.

You’ll find these smart phones have the fastest processors, best cameras and larger, high-resolution screens. Among them are the likes of the Sony Xperia PRO, which has the best camera on a SmartPhone at the moment. 

Flagship Payg mobile phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and  iPhone 13 Pro Max (below), demand top tier price tags.

Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones

The only way we can get them as Payg mobile phones is to buy them prepaid SIM-free,  as we have said before they provide the very best features and functionality that you can have on a SmartPhone today, which include all the bells and  whistles, extremely fast processors, cameras that effortlessly cope with HD video recording and playback, with super-high-resolution crystal clear screens. 

Nokia 8.3 Flagship PAYG mobile phone for £479.00. Designed to be ultra secure with latest finger print tech. Features an outstanding camera that isn't afraid of the dark and good enough for James Bond.

When you want to choose a Flagship Pay As You Go SmartPhone to buy, consider the top four or five features you can't do without, and then stay focus on sourcing and researching a mobile that provides them.

As this could save you lots of money as you wont just pay for features you will never use or need, also you will not get confused as there are lot of choices out there.

Apple iPhone XS for £690 Pay As You Go, Flagship PAYG mobile phoneIt's super slim, has an ultra fast processor,  a dual-camera system. –5.8-inch Super Retina display with advanced Face ID to name a few.

Apple iPhone XS for £690 Pay As You Go

With flagship payg mobile phones you must stay focused on what phone features and functionalities are personally good for you, as Mobile Users often loose focus.

In this case consider a mobile phone that has a smaller screen and a less power demanding processor that's slower, to keep the power drainage in check, in short the lesser features a phone has the longer the talk, standby time and battery life you will have.

Apple Iphone SE 2020 Pay As You Go PrepaidApple Iphone SE 2020 Pay As You Go Prepaid

Apple Iphone SE 2020 Flagship PAYG Mobile Phone for £429.00 the most powerful 4.7-inch iPhone A13 Bionic, one of the fastest smartphone chips, Charging Times Fast-charge capable a 12-megapixel iSight camera, a Face Time HD camera. As thin and light.

Sure enough, the latest must-have current Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones may have all the latest hardware and features, all singing and dancing, showing off all the very latest tech, but you must stay focused on what phone feature and functionality are personally good for you.

Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones

Only think about what you you really need the phone for, take you time to research the phones really well, which you can do on this website, don't just purchase a SmartPhone by following the crowd don't get swept up in the hype either or you could end up wasting a lot of money when in-fact you don't need to. 

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Flagship PAYG mobile phone for £549.99.  With stunning 6.4-inch Infinity O-Display, flawless glass that wraps from edge to edge.  Wireless Power Sharing and True Vision Camera Wide-Angle Camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor chip, In-screen fingerprint sensor, capture more on the go in many ways shapes and forms.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ for £540.00 on Pay As You Go PrepaidSamsung Galaxy S10+ for £540.00 on Pay As Yu Go Prepaid

Do you really need a tweeter and Facebook button, a super duper fastest processor with latest chip-sets 3D HD resolution screen?  Do not be scared to say 'no' to features you will just never ever use, could save you money.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for $1799.99 on T MobileSamsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for $1799.99 on T Mobile

We advise that you go for flagship payg mobile phones that has a good AppStore, which will make your mobile more flexible, that way you can personalise your phone to fit your personality and the way.....

.... you want to use it by downloading Apps that can improve the functionality of the phone, after all as Apple said "there is an app for everything" and second, make sure it has good speed and is easy to use.

Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones

How do I Top Up my Flagship Payg Mobile Phones with airtime?

Pay as you go mobile phones are the mobile phones that users add airtime/talk time by purchasing vouchers from shops, in contrast to contract phones users, who pay a set fee every month for a pre-determined amount of texts, talk time minutes and data allowance. 

A Pay As You Go user inputting a airtime code from a purchased voucher.

Another way for payg mobile phone users to purchase talk time is by calling their network provider on a freephone number and use their credit card to pay for airtime directly.

Samsung Galaxy S10 for £480.00 on Pay As Yu Go Prepaid

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is fantastic because it has a truly stunning metallic-effect design and an outstanding screen. In fact, the screen shows nearly twice as much detail as anything else in the UK!

Samsung Galaxy S10 for £480.00 on Pay As You Go PrepaidSamsung Galaxy S10 for £480.00 on Pay As You Go Prepaid

Another airtime purchasing method is by using a purchased voucher that predominantly requires the user of the Flagship PAYG Mobile Phone to make a free-phone call to their network and enter a computer generated number. 

Examples of top-up vouchers

Then purchased airtime is added to their pay as you go mobile phone instantly.

Flagship PAYG Mobile Phones

Sony Xperia PRO Flagship PAYG Mobile Phone for £1990.00 - watching a movie, shooting  videos or listening to music, The Sony Xperia  PRO is sharper than ever before, Its the world's first SmartPhone with a 1.0-type image sensor and phase detection autofocus, new speaker and display. It's waterproof too.

Networks who provide pay as you go mobile phones have a time limit, this means customers must use up the airtime they have purchased during that time limit, while others networks have a cut-off time after which point the voucher becomes void. But take note that, many do not have time limits on pay as you go mobile phone airtime usage at all.

OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G for £1099.99 Flagship PAYG Mobile Phone. runs Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 Mobile Platform for more immersive experience and with 50MP camera makes shooting the world in true colour easy.

Once airtime has run out with owners of pay as you go phones, toping up again is needed, until then  they will still be able to receive calls and text. With some networks they are usually also able to pick up voicemails, although this may be different depending on what network provider one is with.

As we already know we  have to pay the full cost of the phone up front, and then purchase airtime top-ups to use the operator's network. These top-ups include an allotted number of talk-time minutes, text messages and/or megabytes of data downloads. 

Now before we look at the different types of Pay As you Go tariffs we shall look at the rest of the methods of how to Top Up your Payg Mobile Phone with airtime?

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