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Vodafone Sim Only Light User, fits the description below, if not.....

.....click on the Medium and Heavy links below left, to find out which one your really are.

Sim Only Light User, internet access, Data, how many megabytes?

  • Send occasional email via provider such as Hotmail or Yahoo!
  • Browse the internet now and again.
  • Estimated  350 megabytes more or less of data/month, 
  • keeping up with interesting news and friends. every so often

This type have a mobile phone simply because others need them to have it.


Light Sim Only Contracts - are for Light Mobile Phone Users that just 

  • need it for essential reasons
  • make occasional calls
  • need it for emergency reasons
  • need it for safety purposes.
  • need 50 talk-time minutes
  • need 50 texts a month.

Need mobiles not to be a big part of their life's.  Most Light mobile phone users use basic or simple mobiles, most have long amazing standby of up to 35 days, just need the sim to sit and wait, but yet for slight casual use.

Some Simple WiFi capable phones provide free internet access, saving megabyte allowances on SIM only contracts using broadband at home or work as well as free public WiFi hot spots when out n about.

Some Simple WiFi capable phones provide free internet access via  broadband.

 Sim-only contracts such as the tariff below mirrors the typical mobile usage of Vodafone Sim Only Light Users, an unbelievably good offer.




300 Any network




250 MB





Advantages of SIM only contracts

  • You are able to make flat rate cross network calls and may be able to make free calls to mobiles on the same net work, no premium charges.
  • Changing network provider is easy, with SIM only contracts you’re not chained into long contracts in case of problems with reception and coverage.
  • Always usually there's more talk-time minutes with more texts than a mobile phone contract or pay-as-you-go package.
  • Unlike PAYG were you use some time topping up, you don’t have to do that with SIM only-contracts.
  • As there is no phone included in the package calls, texts and other phone services cost much less.
  • Accessing social network sites are sometimes included in the monthly fee, some include extras and incentives such Netflix, Sky, Spotify for the first 6 months free.




900Any network









Disadvantages of SIM-only contracts.

Wow only two.......

  • you provide the phone.
  • you'll need to unlock the phone if changing networks.

As a sim only user, as standard do, always Make sure you order the right size of simcard, standard.....micro......nano

Hard getting credit? If that's the case it may be hard getting a SIM-only contract deal that's over one month.  No credit check with 1month SIM only contracts.

Important to check the out of allowance rates


According to Billmonitor, formed by mathematicians in Oxford, produced the figures after analysing nearly 28,500 anonymous mobile phone bills and comparing to 8.5million contracts on offer from retailers and network providers.

They found out that :-

52% of Users are on tariffs that’s too large for them, as a result of being on the wrong tariff, users use on average just one quarter of their monthly calling allowance.
Total waste: £2.62bn

29% Users are on tariffs that’s too small for them, as a result of being on the wrong tariff they wasted money on out of allowance calls, data usage, texts,  as well as other costs that could be reduced with a larger tariff like 40p/pic sent.
Total waste: £1.53bn

19% waste money by not optimising free benefits, text and  data allowances, or taking advantage of the lower costs that 24 month contracts provide, however they have the right level of inclusive minutes.
Total waste: £0.74bn

There are a number of points to look at before choosing a contract. For instance, mobile-phone and network companies want to hold-on to their customers for as long as possible,so to make you sign up to longer contracts, they offer  incentives so often.

Going on an 18month or 24month contract, rather the traditional shorter 12month contract, can save you between £5 and £10 per month.  However in the world of mobile phones 24 months is a long time changes happen fast, new tariffs, phones, faster connectivity speeds...you could move house.

...Our Choices are

researched Choices chosen from

researched Options.......

.....money every single month on a tariff that’s too large for them, using on average just one quarter of the monthly calling allowance.

choosing the wrong tariff can proof costly..make good choices......so you don't end-up with a face like him.

Which? estimates around ten million contract mobile customers are routinely overpaying for their mobile phones, the reason? they are paying for services they never use.  In the past year phone plans have changed more than in the previous five.

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