Mid Range Sim Free Mobile Phones

Mid range Sim Free mobile phones also known as feature phones are the next standard down from Upper Mid-Range Sim Free Mobile Phones, they are the introductory platform where features of mobiles really start. They normally cost any thing from £80 and £200 and includes for today’s standard, good Web browsing capabilities.

These are cheaper options that also offer a wealth of functionality and a taste of Flagship or Upper Mid-Range sim free Mobile Phones.

"One mans entry phone is another mans top phone"

Some support faster 4G that you get on higher phones while some may only support slower 3G Internet speeds, The Sony Xperia E1dual, Mid range Sim Free mobile phones (image below) is a good example, this is a cheap sim free phone with style and a bit of enjoyment to go with it. you can attach a Data allowance bundle to your payg Tariff allowing you internet access and then top-up your data allowance whenever you run out.

Sony Xperia E1dual

Xperia E1dual Mid range Sim Free mobile phones from Just  £80play music at up to 100 decibels, xLOUD loudness enhancement engine, WiFi and 3G.  Connect with  Facebook, 4 inch high resolution screen.

These payg mobile phones show-off good apps installation capabilities, allowing you to add functionality to your Pay As You Go phone. a very good example is the Nokia Lumia 635 (image right) Mid range Sim Free mobile phones.  4G connectivity, lightning-fast performance at an affordable price of just £119.

Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 Mid-Range sim free Smartphone phone for Just £50. Touchscreen, Camera self-timer, Picture/video messaging and 3G.Connect with Facebook and the rest, SatNav, 4 inch high resolution screen.

.......App-store which will make your mobile more flexible that way you can personalise......

Samsung Galaxy Fame

The Samsung Galaxy Fame. Mid range Sim Free mobile phone for Just £85. Games via Google Play, Single-core 1 GHz Processor, megapixels : 5 and 3G. Connect with  Facebook and the rest, Voice-activated dialing, Conference calling.

To be honest nowadays, mobile technology is increasing so fast that mid entry phones will soon be entry level phones, when you invest around £90 or more, you're entering the territory of smart-phones. The number of smart phones available for just over the £100 mark, in the last few years has increased. 

The Nokia Lumia 635

The Nokia Lumia 635  Mid range Sim Free mobile phones.  4G connectivity, lightning-fast performance at an affordable price of just £149.  Games via Xbox Live, Video recording: 720p HD @ 30 frames/second, Built-in email, operating system: Windows Phone 8, needs to be said again its 4G ready.

The majority of feature phones now use touch screens for menu navigation which are the capacitive sensing displays screens you usually find on smart phones, and a decreasing number still rely on direction pads, but this is still an option.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Blue

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Blue Mid-Range sim free Smartphone phone. for Just £125. Games via Google Play, Dual-core 1 GHz Processor, 5 megapixels and 3G. 3G standby time 360 hours, Voice-activated dialingWireless tethering.

In this rang we advise that you go for  Mid-Range Sim Free mobile phones that has a good App-store which will make your mobile more flexible that way you can personalise your phone to fit your personality and the way you want to use it by downloading Apps that can improve the functionality of the phone........ after all as Apple said " there is an app for everything" and second make sure it has good speed and is easy to use.

BlackBerry Curve 9720 White
micro SD memory cards

BlackBerry Curve 9720 White 3G Mid range Sim Free mobile phones. for £130BBM, micro SD memory cards (image above right) you'll stay up to date with e-mail, social media, Exuberant innovative QWERTY layout that allows quicker typing and with more reliability than ever incorporated with a touchscreen for easier navigation. 512 MB memory. We recommend an 8GB (with option of up to 32 GB) memory card for this Mid Range Mobile Phone.

Motorola Moto G 8GB

If you’re put off by the cost of buying a smartphone, you can because the good news is that with the fast pace of the mobile phone industry were there's a new model out more or less every six months smartphone prices are coming down all the time.

Most Mobile producers are releasing mid-range cheap smartphones with great prices below the £100 pound mark a good example is The Samsung Galaxy Young sim free mobile smartphone for just £69.99 (right) very small and compact. 

In this range focusing on the main features you cant do with out is a good approach to saving money by picking the one that matches your daily typical use.

The Motorola Moto G 8GB 4G Mid-Range sim free mobile phones. for £145. You don't need a huge price tag to get all the power you need with this phone. , play fluid 3D games, Watch and shoot HD movies and run multiple apps, maximum performance on a 4.5-inch screen with Android Jellybean and  quad-core processor so its fast.

Samsung Galaxy Young

 Samsung Galaxy Young  Entry Level sim free mobile smart phone for just £69.99, Android operating system, GPS, MP3 player. Camera : 3 inch screen, 2megapixel camera, Video capture and playback. Connectivity : 3G network capability, Standard SIM card, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth.  Memory : 160MB of internal memory. Up to 540 hours standby time.  Size H130, W56, D12.2mm. Weight only 97.5g.

You don't have to make to many sacrifices because finding the best cheap Sim Free Mobile Phone is getting easier, why? because generically Mid Range Sim Free Mobile Phones are generally getting better and better and cheaper.

There are some BlackBerry and Windows Phone handsets, but most of these entry-level cheap smartphones run on Android, all within the same price range as well.

Cheap smartphone? but still with options enough to personalise it to you. lookout for these pointers.

  • Quality screen – Entry-level sim free smartphones basically come with much lower resolutions than you find with higher models.

Motorola Moto E 8GB

The Motorola Moto E 8GB 4G Mid-Range sim free mobile phones. for £99. No need of a huge price tag to get the speed you need with 1.2 GHz dual-core Processor, 5 megapixels, play fluid 3D games,  Its 4.3-inch HD touchscreen display is the sharpest in its class. run multiple apps, maximum performance with Android KitKat 4.4 and  SatNav : Google Maps Navigation

Powerful processor – Overall it depends on what you really need a mid-range Sim Free mobile phone for, reason is because they tend to have relatively weaker chip processors (1GHz single-core speeds are standard). Especially when you’re using many programs at the same time, it can make the mobile somewhat slow. Look for a phone with a dual-core processor such as Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (above) Mid range Sim Free mobile phones so everything stays running fluidly and smoothly.

  • 5Mp camera minimum – Realistically these Mid-Range sim free Smartphones well not capture the fantastic photos Premium  Sim Free Mobile Phones render and produce, we recommend a 5Mp camera as a sufficient standard to target, with these feature sim free phones, an LED flash would really come in handy if you are really into your photos, however they're good to go for shearing photos on Facebook and sufficient for quick shots of family, friends and casual snaps.

5Mega pixel camera as a sufficient standard to target

Between 3 to 4 inches screen size seem to be the order of the day. looking at pictures on the screens is not the best and the same goes for viewing films and playing games on these sim free smartphones, as 320x480 screen resolution (defined as pixel per inch) is really basic otherwise  lookout for models that measure a more respectable 480x800.  Resolution (PPI) is an important factor for zoomed in graphics to still remain sharp enough, at the end off the day its what you want the phone for that really determines which one you go for.

.....Resolution (PPI) is an important factor for zoomed in graphics to still remain sharp enough......


BlackberryZ10 Mid-Range sim free smartphone. for £194.99. No need of a huge price tag to get a top premium smartphone, the Z10 is a top phone with a mid range price. camera:8MP, screen size:4.2".  Processor:1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro.  full of high-end technology, 4G mobile internet network and an innovative super advanced onscreen touch keyboard that adjust to you. HD video calls.  Standby time (up to) 312 hours. Talk time (up to) 10 hours.  Powered by the acclaimed BlackBerry 10 operating system.

  • HD video camerapicture quality will usually be far superior with mobiles that shoot 720p HD video, like the Nokia Lumia 635  Mid range Sim Free mobile phones (above)Cheap smartphones generally lack front-facing cameras, which could hinder Skyping which is video calling,so lookout for one if you want to make video calls.

Lastly Take Note to to think of how you will use your Mid range Sim Free mobile phones for example if you plan to access the internet in anyway, you need to get a tariff that has a data allowance as most of these smartphones possess web browsers and good app stores

However, Do you really need a tweeter and Facebook button, a super duper fastest processor and glasses-free 3D HD resolution screen? Do not be scared to say 'no' to features you will just never ever use, it could save you money.

Most of these smartphones possess web browsers and good app stores.

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