Solar Mobile Phone Charger

The key words here we need to focus on is Extreme, Power and Solar, because in extreme hash environment, especially in remote areas where there is absolutely no power sources whats so ever, then the  Powermonkey Extreme solar Portable charger is a God sent, it's ready for most conditions if not all. Plus in addition It’s rugged and waterproof, it is one hell of a solar charger with lots of capacity.  

Powermonkey Extreme-Solar Mobile Phone Charger

The Extreme is so made for outdoors, just imagine you got your mobile and you're camping somewhere not only remote but also far more extreme than a festival field like in the desert or some kind of expedition, then this charger is what you need.  This will over deliver for a light camp but then again what's bad about that.   but the bottom line is this is the perfect charger for SmartPhone users who don't want to lose power on their devices when off into the wilderness . 

£120, Cotswold Outdoor

PowerBee Executive Solar Phone Charger

Note there's a lot of solar chargers out there that can charge themselves using solar power.

3500mAh PowerBee charger works good enough to recharge other chargers, let's say you're going away for a while, then this is perfect for those far away trips especially for heavy SmartPhone users who have loads of other gadgets, this is were constant access to power is vital.  £24, Amazon

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