Screen Protector

A good indicator of a good screen protector is that it should basically be invisible and at the same time, doesn’t affect the SmartPhone’s touch-screen sensitivity; some provide an anti-glare and privacy finish, some ready in full-body versions that keeps the entire SmartPhone from scratches with no added bulk or obscuring its stylish look .

Screen-body-protection-skin-HtC M8

Screen protectors?  An added sheet of material—usually polyurethane but ultimately Glass that's able to be fixed to your SmartPhone to protect it from physical damage and at the same time, the Screen does not obstruct the operation of the touchscreen.

Body films and Screen protection: Many SmartPhone cases include a good see-through, adhesive, flexible film that protects the Mobile’s glass screen from scratches, but if you prefer to carry your SmartPhone as it came, with sacrificing possible future damage or if you expect higher-quality film? Then you can just simply buy a screen protector separately.

Zagg InvisibleShield Original - Screen Protection - Samsung Galaxy S6


ZAGG - Produced from high quality Tempered Glass designed especially to align and apply to your Mobile. It is developed to repel natural skin oils, this makes it easy to clean,giving you touchscreen precision and crystal-clear images. ZAGG's InvisibleShield glass protector always supplies maximum scratch protection for your Phone.

Glass Screen Protector-TEMPERED GLASS, what is it?  (here comes the science)

Glass Screen Protector-iPhone 6 -Tampered-GlassGlass Screen Protection - iPhone 6 -Tampered Glass

To start with, this type of glass is not normal, why?  This glass breaks differently, when it breaks, instead of jagged shards that regular glass creates, it creates more rounded edges of glass pieces .

A tempered glass is produced from many layers of glass giving your SmartPhone a multi-layered screen protection package that always delivers the fullest of protection to your Mobile screen.

Manufactured by heating the glass and then cooling it extremely fast. With a foundation bottom layer of absorbent silicon, PET film, optically clear adhesive tempered glass and an oleophobic coating basically in that order. It’s designed to absorb impact and break so your phone screen doesn’t. It's t up to five times stronger than normal glass; this is Tempered glass and right now, in the market, there is no substitute.

Tempered Glass - Screen Protector layer-Structure

It’s not 100% guaranteed to prevent your screen from breaking, but very very close to 100%, why? 9 out of 10 users of tempered glass say it has prevented breakage saving them up to £170 in repairs! Even if you notice a few cracks, you should know that it is the tempered glass itself that has taken all the damage in place of your phone screen or at least a huge chance that the protector has done its job. This is what a Mobile Phone user will get with these protectors, close to total peace of mind, you get so much with a tempered glass protector installed, as you are less likely to get any damage to your screen if (or most likely when) you drop the phone. It's just like a crumple zone on a car.

BodyGuardz-tempered-Glass-Screen Protector-iPhone6

In addition with tempered glass your SmartPhone is less likely to get damaged by heat as it's more heat resistant than normal regular glass, the cheaper alternative plastic protectors are much more likely to get scratched than tempered glass protectors, as they are up to five times thicker than standard plastic protectors. These screen glass protectors feel and look (if not exactly) like your SmartPhones screen than a plastic screen cover. Its smoothness and clarity of the tempered glass that makes this possible. Plus in addition tempered glass protectors are easier to apply to your Phone than plastic screen protectors.

As most of us know there’s nothing worse, irritating and annoying when and after installing a new screen protector only to have it bubble and peel after a few days. Tempered glass screen protectors are super smooth and level that no bubbles or peels whatsoever can exists; they are the latest way to help prevent your screen from breaking while they provide superior scratch resistance than normal regular film protectors. They are a thin layer of glass that sticks to your phone screen (using forces of cohesion) and helps to absorb impact shocks if you drop or knock your SmartPhone.

And last, as these screens are made of glass, they can't bend or wrinkle, this fact makes them too easy to install and are virtually bubble free; These glass screens are so easy to apply, that it's like the screen does it by (cohesion) itself. Very thin, Usually at around 0.2mm thick, you’ll hardly notice it on your SmartPhone Screen

  Screen Protectors Best Glass - Best of BRANDS

LUVVITT Tempered Glass-Screen Protector for iPhone 5S

At 0.33mm, this one provides optimum thickness/slimness, it's premium glass that gives you enough protection for your SmartPhone, at the same time providing the screen sensitivity that you don't even realize it's there. Protect your SmartPhone,s screen using this high quality Japanese Asahi glass supplied by LUVVITT®. Regular glass hardness level is 5.5, however this super high clarity screen protection features a 9H+ hardness, suffice to say that diamond is the hardest element on Earth and its hardness level is 10, so go figure. It's almost impossible to scratch.


Oils, fingerprints and smudges are repelled by the Oleophobic Coating on the intelliGLASS Tempered Glass Screen Protectors while they are  designed to give the fullest transparency and true touch sensitivity its extremely thin and perfectly fits your SmartPhones display screen. It possesses an advanced silicone cohesion that leaves no residues or permanent bubbles which means you can install it without any complications. The strong glass can withstand all sorts of hits and bumps.

intelliGLASS Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Htc 9

Hapurs - You want or need a true touch experience to view the actual HD display?

Hapurs Tempered Glass Screen Protectors - iPhone 6

No probes, get the Hapurs Tempered Glass Protector that's easy to apply and clean, that also has Oleophobic Coating that eradicates fingerprints, oils and smudges. Produced with nano chemical materials that efficiently withstands damage, this Hapurs Screen Protector is industry standard 9H scratch-resistant glass.

At only just 0.33 mm thick, it offers ultra clarity and maximum responsiveness to touch. With the rounded edges that improves the grip of the Phone and in turn, allows you to slide it in and out of your pockets with no hindrances.

With a JETech tempered glass protection, one only just needs to give it a slight push to install it and it's ready to go. It effectively screens fingerprints, dust, and smudges. This one provides huge resistance against scratches and damages, after all it is 9H scratch-resistant. It's a high quality tempered glass with a thickness of just 0.33mm with well-rounded edges to fit the screen. The tempered glass protectors are highly responsive to your touch and ultra transparent.

JETech’s Tempered Glass Screen Protection - Samsung Galaxy S6
iCarez Tempered Glass Protector - LG G3


With iCarez you will experience the max HD resolution for RETINA display and TrueTouch sensitivity with this protector on your iPhone’s screen. The surface of the glass is anti-bacterial and the interference with responsiveness to touch is very minimal. An anti-scratch screen by iCarez is solid, that's made up of a 0.33mm thick tempered glass of 9H hardness; processes rounded edges to prevent scratches while it lets you install it quit easily and leaves no bubbles at all.

Tech Armor Premium Edge to Edge Ballistic Glass Protectors, produced to keep your SmartPhone the way it was created but with total safety from top to bottom.  A protector that offers stunning maximum HD clearness and precision touchscreen experience.  Also providing resistance to the screen from oils and fingerprints is the Oleophobic Coated layer. Now while the tempered glass provides great protection against scratches, it also delivers protection from high impact drops and crash landings.   With precise laser cut polished glass, with rounded edges the screen slips in and out of pockets and bags effortlessly.

Tech Armor Premium Edge to Edge

Tech Armor Premium Edge to Edge Ballistic Glass Screen Protector - iPhone 6
Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Galaxy Note 3


Spigen Tempered Glass Protector is a thin hard coated tempered glass that is 0.4 mm thick, 8H-9H scratch-resistant and gives the much required durability to your SmartPhone’s display. Fits your Phones touchscreen, giving it complete protection from scratches and damage.


Maxboost Tempered Glass Protection shows off an ultra-thin glass of only 0.2 mm thickness that protects your SmartPhone from scratches, bumps and high impact drops. Maxboost claims the screen is the world’s slimmest protector. Your SmartPhones's display is kept free from oils, sweat and smudges due to the Oleophobic coating on the glass. The Ballistic tempered glass is ultra-clear while the laser cut glass fits the screen perfectly! offering high touchscreen responsiveness and max HD resolution to your Mobiles screen.

Maxboost Tempered Glass Screen Protector - iPhone 6 Plus
MOPO Tempered Glass Protector - iPhone 6 Plus


MOPO Tempered Glass Protector features a high spec tempered glass that is 9H+ scratch resistance, plus in addition it's pressure-resistant and shock-proof. The protector is smudge-free and fingerprint-free using the Oleophobic Coating. It's highly sensitive due to the nano chemical materials while offering maximum HD clarity and smooth touch experience. It is 0.33 mm thick, laser cut to fit the screen for swift installation. has all the qualities that you will need to fortify your SmartPhone’s display against damages.

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