Portable Mobile Phone Charger

Portable Mobile Phone Charger is more than just a device used to to top up your mobile when it’s low on power, but are highly useful in many ways depending on where and when you need that power for your phone in that very vital time and moment.

Just Mobile Gum++

The first thing you'd notice is just how good looking the Mobile Gum++ is, with rounded corners and curved edges, if there was a beauty contest for best looking battery packs, these would be a top contender, they have that Apple design look.

Just Mobile Gum++
Just Mobile Gum++ All The Colors

Color-coded to match the silver, grey, black or gold,  of the iPhone 5s including other MobilePhone models and then finished with an aluminium shell covering.

Small and handy enough to fit in your pocket but yet Powerful enough to charge a Mobile three  times conveniently. £62.45, amazon.co.uk

So let's give you the good news, which is every year SmartPhones are getting faster with new and improved feature and internal hardware like the latest microchips.  And the bad news is that this improvements demand more and more battery power but the battery life of our MobilePhones doesn't seem to get any better in some cases even worse.  So the bottom line is, If you want and need to keep your SmartPhone's (or tablets and other USB-powered device) going through the whole day, especially when you're out and about on the move, you need a Portable Phone Charger, period.

Portable Mobile Phone Charger

Anker Astro Mini

Now how's this one for size, a Portable Mobile Phone Charger that provides just about one full charge for most phones when you are out and about, but is as small and light as a lipstick tube and takes up minimal space especially for those who like to travel light. Again MobilePhone users must note the Anker-Astro-Mini provides a lot  less power than bigger chargers, but would still be nice to keep in your pocket or bag for when you need that all important small quick charge. £13.99, Amazon


A Portable Mobile Phone Charger do come in all sizes and shapes, weights and capacities

Portable Mobile Phone Chargers come in all sizes and shapes, weights and capacities, from devices  that provide a quick charge incase of emergencies, such as the credit-card sized chargers that keep you going until you get a main power source, you may be a MobilePhone user who may need to charge their phone several times a day, in that case to the ultra-high-capacity is the one for you.  ideal if you’re going camping with your friends or have several devices to charge at the same time. LimeFuel Blast Pro L240X

Hermitshell EVA Hard Protective Travel Case Carrying Bag Fits Anker PowerCore+ 26800 Premium Portable High Capacity External Battery with Quick Charge PowerPort Wall Charger

Anker Astro Pro 2

The Anker Astro is what you need if you don't want to sacrifice style or space but at the same time you need power at your disposal, then this is the one to pick, with 20,000 mAh of capacity.  It's beautiful and slick, finish with brushed metal .  The pro 2 has enough power to fully charge most SmartPhones and even laptops a lot of times before it needs charging itself. 

Anker Astro Pro 2 - Portable Mobile Phone Charger

One excellent thing about the Astra Pro 2 is that it has connection versatility as they aresupplied with a range of connectors' this allows you to to charge a wide range of gadgets.  £59.99, Amazon

Now some portable chargers don't even need to recharge their batteries using the mains power at all, how?  They are able to recharge their own battery using solar power from the sun (can use main source as well).

So, Portable Chargers come in different shapes, sizes and types, but what's great is the fact that most of these devices in this day and age ( if not all) generally use micro-USB giving MobilePhone users more charging options.  

And in some cases (excuse the pun) an external battery can be combined and incorporated into the case to become one, giving you a power case.


Monster PowerCard

First of don't be fooled by the size of this portable charger, why?  Because it can put out as much as three times the power as some other chargers.  And what's more It’s only the size of a credit card, so the convenient flat shape of the Monster-PowerCard means that you can have it in your pocket or wallet and forget that it's even there, it's ultra light unlike bulkier versions.  

When you bring it out to charge your SmartPhone, it charges quick and your ready to go. For individuality they are finished with slick brushed metal in five different colours for you to choose from.  £39.95, Amazon

HooToo TripMate

It's a charger but yet not a charger, this one can also be a wi-fi router if the need arises and for the real techies, guess what?  It can convert your hard drive into a network attached storage (NAS).  

Note that the power wont last as long, if using all functions at once, yes it does pack a good 5,200 mAh however, the battery pack won’t go far, so  buy this if you need the extra functions or you feel they could come in handy.  With the TripMate if you need lots of charge consistently, then this is not for you.   To use this charger to its full functional capacities you'll need a regular access a  power mains.  However this one is unique must be said.  £29.99, Amazon

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