Mobile Phone Armband

Mobile Phone Armband?  That's if you listen to music on your SmartPhone while working out (amongst other things) you'll want a case that offers shock resistance, some amount of moisture protection, and convenient carrying options.

Armband phone holder

You’ll find such cases in the other categories here, but many people prefer exercise armbands, which strap onto your upper arm to keep your iPhone safe but accessible.

Mobile Phone Armband - Buying?  Here's The Tips

Or you simply need the case design that allows you to remove your Mobile to use it. Similarly, make sure the case is easily removable.


In terms of Mobile Phone case manufacturers, they seem to focus for the most part on the mainstream Smartphones Cases, such as iPhone and Samsung, however phoneismobile find and include accessories for a lot of other phone brands as well which are customised and designed for different models to attach, support and hold a mobile phones snugly.

iLuv Nite-Glo Sports Armband - for Apple iPhone 4/4S - £12.99

iLuv Armbands from iLuv, is perfect for anyone jogging in the summer, or you could be on your bike or your a an out door professional who needs quickest access to the  Phone on a summer or winter month thanks to its visglow-in-the-dark frame, even keeps you save compatible with iPhone 5/4/3G, iPod Nano 5G and Samsung Galaxy S I and more. 

Over all an inexpensive, but yet a good-looking design that give you that extra peace of mind that you're save; for safety-conscious Mobile Phone users.

Holds and also protects your SmartPhone while the Reflective frame is for night safety.  The fit is secure so perfect for active lifestyles.  Moisture build-up from sweat is prevented with this armband.



Mobile Phone Armband types and Recommendations

Adidas (Griffin)

  The perfect lightweight carrying solution is what this Adidas sport armband is adaptive for walking, running, dancing, lifting or when you're stretching.  Technologically produced filters push out sweat through the moisture-wicking neoprene material and at the same time retains a solid grip on your arm. The Adidas armband material will keep your SmartPhone safe, secure, cool and  while keeping the Phone safe from perspiration when you're  exercising, Why.   Intently produced with aesthetic and function in mind, the Griffin Adidas Armband is the ideal solution.

In addition the strap is produced with super-lightweight nylon; and for slimmer arms it can be adjustable.  While the touch-through screen on Adidas’ armband provides for easy access to your apps and function, even when in the case.

Adidas miCoach Armband, £12.95

The sweat-proof touch-through screen cover protects your SmartPhone's Multi-Touch display.  Wraps around your upper bicep with ultra-lightweight performance nylon.  For versatility the Adidas Griffin armband's has an inline pocket to hold a house or gym key, for added functionality, strategically placed ports provide access not only for headphone but also for Adidas miCoach CONNECT heart rate monitor to aid your training programs .
Take note that even though the ultra-light Adidas Griffin SmartPhone armband is built specifically to be used along side the Adidas’s miCoach app, but it’s not necessity as you can still use any other compatible type of app.

Tune Belts Sport Armband , iPhone

Tune Belt produces for a large range of SmartPhone and iPod models, including the mini iPod shuffle.  Actively perfect for runners who need a practical and durable product, clunky design, but it does its job well so much so that it also has a mini storage pocket to keep a key or any small item save, like your earphones when not in use.

You will have full navigation control right through the clear, protective window cover, that at the same time, firmly secures the SmartPhone's screen; Reflective logo for night safety, extra comfort with armband adjusts 9 to 17 inches and further more an Armband Extender is available for larger arm sizes.





Nike’s sleek, Nike Performance running arm band with minimal design form, for all those cool runners with not a hair out of place and a sweat drop in
sight. Also has a water-resistant pocket to store your money or keys.  iPhone 5s can just about squeeze in, with all other phone models sadly left out in the cold.  Fused construction for seamless comfort and durability while having a clear window for touch-screen compatibility and protection.

Water-resistant pocket for protective storage, plus added accessibility to controls and earphone ports.  D-ring with Velcro® brand fastener closing system for an adjustable fit all round.

Nike E2 Prime Performance Armband
Belkin EaseFit Armband for iPhone 5 - £18.99

The neoprene material is flexible and with a touch-through window covering the display, lightweight and it can also be handwashed.  This armband is a solid effort from Belkin as its compact, with a modern design.  This design here is for iPhone 5 however there are many other version for different brands and just as durable.

You will like the comfortable, low-profile design of the Ease-Fit Armband for The SmartPhone whether you're hitting the gym or going for a run, made of ultra lightweight, breathable Lycra and neoprene, we feel this armband will come in very handy for emergency out professional , why?   Because this armband keeps your SmartPhone at hand but yet out of the way so it won't interfere with your physical activity you're engaged in.

The fitGlow-in-the-dark Nite-Glo frame gives you visibility and safety at night, while the Elastic strap for comfortable and secure waterproof screen cover delivers max protection from scratches and scrapes.  Plus in addition you get Full control of the touch screen while in the case.



Sweaty Betty Media Armband

This Sweaty Betty armband is perfect, why?  It's adjustable to any shape or size of arm, plus the breathability technology ensures a more comfortable ride.  And keeps your money, phone and keys and other valuables securely strapped to your arm, without rattling, jingle and jangle to get in the way of your activity.
A versatile armband as it fits a range of SmartPhones and for easy accessibility?  It has a touch-through screen to apps and functions.  Thanks to its adjustable velcro strap it's comfortable but sturdy.  For the safety conscious, It has a reflective logo for night visibility when in low light or running in the dark.

This armband provides a snug-fit pocket for your SmartPhone to securely slip into, then nice to know that it fits a wide range of SmartPhones, while it's still touch screen efficient; it aids access to apps and functions easily.  And as we may expect the armband features a safety reflective logo for night visibility, it's that little extra that make you feel that little safer as you jog the pavements at night.



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