Leather Flip Case

Mobile Phone Cases on your mind rite now?  Ok, you got the phone of your Desire the one you’ve been longing to get for so long. The phone has all the bells and whistles coupled with the latest high tech, it looks so sleek, cool and has all the apps and gadgets at your disposal.  But now the honey moon period is fading away on just how much you love your new phone, leaving your mind to think clearly about what?  Protection, that’s right and we are not talking about insurance, (especially those who fail to take out insurance). 

Makr iPhone 5s Leather Pouche Mobile Phone Cases

It’s essential to make certain it remains in the best potential condition.  Look at it this way; you spent a great deal of money, time and effort selecting the perfect phone, just for you, so in terms of Mobile Phone Accessories, a Phone Case (in case you drop it) is what you need or it could be just a Screen Protector or both “Just For Your Phone” but the question is which one to pick. 

The bottom line is you need something to keep it safe when you drop it, for starters, look at a phone case as your very own insurance policy, so keep that prized device in a case.

There’s a massive, vast variety of additional accessories for Mobiles out there, they seem endless, from accessories that protect your phone, to supporting and improving the all-together experience of your mobile phone.

We have a huge variety of dependable chargers for you to review depending on your needs, from mobile in-car chargers, solar chargers, portable chargers, wireless chargers and more.  So choosing the right Mobile Phone Accessories to match and accommodate the way you use your Mobile, it’s the where, when, if and how, that determine what accessories you need, from what you really want.  Phoneismobile will make all this easy for you.

We have looked at a variety of accessories for handsets including the iPhone 6/6S/6Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, HTC One M8/M9, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/5, Blackberry and other Smartphones. Want something extra to complete your Smartphone?  So remember it not just the accessory that suits you that’s needed, but one that also suits the Phone, at a good prices.

Let’s face it, that two year contract you signed (or maybe you got a SIM free phone) is not the last you’ll be paying for your mobile phone.  Why, there are loads of other accessories to choose from to help you get the most out of your Mobile.

So a wireless Bluetooth speaker is essential for some as a cool addition, as we all know that generally Mobiles have Bluetooth wireless capabilities, and respectable headphones are essential for music lovers on the move and out n about, we have Bluetooth headphones that further the experience of quality sound

for HTC One M8 Multi Case Rustic Brown

Pouches and Sleeves: - entirely encloses your Phone to shield it from scratches. Some have extra padding to help protect against drops, bumps, and shocks.

Or you simply need the case design that allows you to remove your Mobile to use it. Similarly, make sure the case is easily removable, as many accessories, such as speaker systems and dock-cradle accessories.

Offering excellent protection, but still allowing you full access to every phone feature and you don’t even have to take it out from the case at all as Leather flip cases are designed to attach to your mobile Phone, flips-off n flips-on, so it exactly fits your phone.


These cases feature a snap-shutting closing system with protection and of-course peace of mind, with full safety of your Mobile Phone. Phoneismobile shows Mobile users phone cases that’s huge value for money!

While some of these cases come with magnetic closing features that keep the cases fastened and your phone protected, always, when in the case, so it not only safeguards your mobile but also helps keep the compact dimensions.


In terms of Mobile Phone case manufacturers, they seem to focus for the most part on the mainstream Smartphones Cases, such as iPhone and Samsung, however phoneismobile find and include accessories for a lot of other phone brands as well which are customised and designed for different models to attach, support and hold a mobile phones snugly.

OK so we have different types of cases and other Phone protection devices such as:

    Flip cases and wallets
    Screen protection and body films
    Pouches and sleeves
    Shock protection

There are some functional Phone cases that can enhance user experience such as standing cases that double up as a mount being especially suggested for multimedia, like videos and audio get the best user experience.  

A Folio case is a combination case and stand, and may include a keyboard. 


Heavy duty cases are designed to protect from drops and scratches.

Phone cases and covers are made of different materials to suite all kind of Mobile Phone users to suite all personal taste, they come in silicone, vinyl, or hard plastic, wood, leather, even in titanium and several more materials you can think of, linen, marble and even Gold.

Advanced functional mobile cases can combine an external battery or a Bluetooth/WiFi keyboard and touchpad mouse like tablets.

Mobile Phone Cases - Buying Cases?  Here's The Tips

Depending on type of case you choose and what you need, ensure it doesn’t block the Phones’ headphone jack, bottom-mounted speaker, microphone, and dock-connector port, microphone, camera lens and flash on the back; light sensor, camera lens and proximity sensor on the front.

Or you simply need the case design that allows you to remove your Mobile to use it. Similarly, make sure the case is easily removable, as many accessories, such as speaker systems and dock-cradle accessories.

Case types and recommendations


Leather Cases

Flip cases and wallets

These cases maybe bulkier than others, however they offer the fine line between convenience and protection but the bottom line is Flip cases provide complete protection....


Leather Wallet Flip Case Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

But further more, in addition some flip cases also have sluts and pocket for credit cards, cash or an ID card, and a few even are multi-function (2 for the price of one) as in they can transform into a stand for photo slideshows and watching video.







Cute Rabbit, Flip Cover Leather Case Card Wallet Slim Folio - Samsung Galaxy S3

......thanks to the screen cover that flips open for easy access to feature functionalities of your SmartPhone.

Leather Wallet vertical Flip Case Cover - Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Folio Wallet Case

SNAKEHIVE Classic Black Leather Folio Wallet Case for HTC One
SNAKEHIVE Classic Tan Leather Folio Wallet Case for Motorola Moto-G 4.5 inch Screen

With this case any shock damage to the phone that may occur is absorbed accordingly even though the outsider for this case is produced of high quality cowhide leather.

This case doubles up as a Wallet when necessary so high marks for versatility but yet it's stylish and sleek as you would expect from all Snakehive cases that provide good protection all-round. 

SNAKEHIVE Chestnut Brown Leather Folio Wallet Case for Sony Xperia Z3
SNAKEHIVE Chestnut Brown Leather Folio Wallet Case for Sony Xperia Z3

3 useful slots for cards are contained in the inside section in addition to a well larger compartment for banknotes.

The case is designed so that all phone sockets and ports are are easily accessible even with the phone Still in the case.

So that your phone is secure at all times the inner section is crafted from durable plastic and to ensure that your phone stays as sleek and thin as possible the slim-line design has a fold over clasp.

SNAKEHIVE Vintage Navy Leather Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 6 4.7 inche Screen
SNAKEHIVE Vintage Burgundy Leather Folio Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 5S
SNAKEHIVE Vintage Navy Leather Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 6 4.7 inche Screen

The snazzy 'Snakehive' brand logo on the front of the case is prominently embossed.  And of course all phone sockets and ports are still fully accessible whilst your phone is still attached to the case.

SNAKEHIVE Vintage Burgundy Leather Folio Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S
SNAKEHIVE Vintage Burgundy Leather Folio Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S6
SNAKEHIVE Classic Brown Leather Wallet for Nokia Lumia 1020
SNAKEHIVE Classic Tan Leather Folio Wallet Case for Nokia Lumia 625

As a bonus addition to protect your SmartPhones screen from scratches, each case also has a free high quality Japanese PET plastic clear screen protector.



Benuo [Vintage Series] Leather Folio Flip Case [Wallet Style-3 Card Slots, Leather Case [Magnetic Closure] with Stand Function for iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch (Vintage Red)
Brown for iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch
Red for iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch

A vintage classic and handcrafted style made of high quality leather, Built-in Magnet shows high ability when closed but yet has no effect on signal strength. Take note that this case is all leather with no plastic snap-ins at all. Scratch & shock resistance it's provided by a good texture of outer layer, soft flannel lining.

To conveniently store ID, Credit Card & CashCard, it comes with 3 front Slots, in which Cards fit snugly in the case.

Retro Brown for iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch

To help horizontally prop up your SmartPhone for a nice viewing angle to read e-books or watch videos, it has a kickstand for that.

Do take note that this leather case has 2 types: one with 1 card slot inside the case; and the other has 3 card slots outside the front flip cover but no slot inside case.



Faconnable Leather Folio Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S Pink

Faconnable Leather Folio Case -  The elegant design and the unmissable all-over high quality is impress to the eye for starters, plus in addition by the skin-friendly, grippy softfeel.  The flap-pocket offers you're SmartPhone protection when in use on a daily basis, from scratches, shocks and usual damages, this perfect fit complete your smartphones with this robust material choice.

For iPhone 6 - Black

This Folding Folio Case is made of high quality full-grain leather with a Contrasting lining Velour inside, the Logo is integrated on buttons.

For iPhone 6 - Blue
For Samsung Galaxy S5 - Black
For Samsung Galaxy S5 - Blue

...........is where excellence is Natural.

For iPhone 5C - Black
For iPhone 4/4S - Blue

Case with Kickstand

Vertical Flip with Kickstand no Magnet


Flip Case

Vertical Flip with Kickstand no Magnet

Simplism Vertical Flip Shell Leahter Case with kickstand for iPhone 5/5S

Simplism Vertical Flip Case made for iPhone this one is fashioned with peach wood that gives an environment conscious warm look that protects your iPhone from scratches and dust in conservative style.
Now, including sound on/off, Music jack, ring/silent, volume control, sleep/wake, and dock connector this Simplism vertical flip cover allows you access to all connectors and buttons and all this without the need to remove you're SmartPhone from the case; also note that the speaker at the bottom of the phone is fully uncovered.


This vertical flip case is the synergy of stylish and practicability but yet functional, in addition it’s designed with card slots to hold card-sized items with your SmartPhone.

It's Self-standing and offers you full protection as it has a tough plastic Shell frame, magnet free with good cable management and maybe best of all, they are available in 5 colors.


iPhone 6 - Black
iPhone 5 - Pink
iPhone 5 - Rose
iPhone 5 - Black

The Macally; versatility is so evident with this Flip Protective Case with functionality in the rotatable Stand for SmartPhones, some with a premium leather design with inner hard-shell that snap-on, the case protects your SmartPhone from scratches and bumps.   

iPhone 5C - Brown
iPhone 5C - Wine Red

Premium faux leather finish and an interior hard-shell snap

With this you can set your SmartPhone to landscape and portrait mode and in addition one can adjust the stand to the Phone for best angle for improved viewing comfort.    

With  360 Rotatable Swivel - in All directions

Macally Flip Case with Rotatable Stand for iPhone 5 - Black
  • Offers full access to all connections and controls and in addition its durable and lightweight.  As you would expect, this case offers full access to all connector ports and controls.

  • Vertical Flip with Kickstand - Magnet

    Tech21 D3O Impact Flip Leather Case for iPhone 4/4S Brown - in stand mode
    Tech21 D3O Impact Flip Leather Case for iPhone 4/4S Black - in stand mode

    Tech21 D3O

    Do not doubt the innovation behind this case why?   It is due to the radical D3O substance that lines the case, we would recommend this one all day long, theTech21 D3O is an inconspicuously extraordinary case that is one of the most practical in the world.  First, you can find excellent drop protection with this one (here comes the science) D3O is initially and potentially (at first) a kind of putty substance normally, that instantly turns hard as stone when it receives an impact.

    Tech21 D3O Impact Flip Leather Case for iPhone 5 White - Front View

    Tech 21 have named this Impactology (and rightfully so) in other words it is the promise that all their products at all times always give you the most intelligent impact protection as a result a combination of scientifically proven materials.

    Tech21 D3O Impact Flip Leather Case for iPhone5 Black - Back View
    iPhone 5 White - Side View
    Tech21 D3O Impact Flip Leather Case for iPhone5 Black (with OrangeD30 Scientific Impact Material)

    So due to the science it is a surprisingly durable case that provides impact resistance just like a much thicker normal case. The case comprises of a front cover that vertically flips to the rear to form a stand for added multi-functionality, so we have a case that provides us both screen protection and a media viewing position in one easy motion. We at phoneismobile feel this case is sick (brilliant), period.

    iPhone 5 Black - Side View
    Tech21 D3O Impact Flip Leather Case for iPhone 5C - Black

    For example (above) made with genuine leather in addition complimented with screen cover, this black leather iPhone 5c case is totally secured when fastened with a magnetic closure system that those not affect the SmartPhone signal, further more more its stitched in to give a second layer of protection.


    This is the same normality with Tech 21 cases and products, stand-out designs infused with user-friendliness into creation of every product. 

    Tech21 D3O Impact Flip Leather Case for iPhone 5C - White

    Tech 21 have painstakingly overtime gathered scientifically proven impact absorbing materials from across the globe and then scientifically processing and combining them together with Patented ingenious designs to produce slim-fitting products that not only absorb but also dissipate the force of impact in essence this is how Impactology works.

    At the centre of this special Impact Flip design case is an inner Impact Snap core that lets you access all features of the SmartPhone. Developed with a hardened PC compound lined with scientifically D3O approved shock absorbing impact material, that protects not only the sides but also the back of the SmartPhone as well.

    Vertical Flip - Magnet

    Sena Vertical Magnet Leather Flip Case for iPhone 5/5S -Black

    Its protective rigid layer further reinforces additional backbone rigid fortified support for extra durability.  These flip cases come in various solid colors in classic luxury leather like crocodile leather, the MagnetFlipper is one of the best solutions for functional style.

    The Sena Magnet Flip case is stylish and yet Innovative, using natures gravity, HOW?  Simple, the padded protective flap is engineered in a way that the hinged bottom and magnetic fastening system at the top, allows the cover to be flipped out of the way with just a flick of the thumb, this allows the Mobile user to quickly and easily answer the SmartPhone, we like to call it the FBI ID flip show, you seen the way agents show their ID with just one flip motion in films, takes less than two seconds, yeah same thing here.

    Sena Vertical Magnet Leather Flip Case for iPhone 5/5S - White

    If you want, you can wear the MagnetFlipper on your belt for added functionality in a way hat provides extra accessibility, not only that but also the ratcheting metal clip system is removable, the metal clip system allows the ratchet to remain in any 360 degree position for comfort, now how is that for versatility. 

    The synergy of fashion with innovation, the MagnetFlipper conveniently combines both effortlessly,  every case is handcrafted from the best and finest Italian Napa leather, to cut a long story short Sena is famous for quality and strong attention to detail in the mobile phone industry.

    Phoneismobile recommends that (if you are someone who is keen on camping and outdoor Adventure activities for example where your compass could come into play) for compass based applications it is recommended to remove the SmartPhone from the case, as the magnetic closure on flap, may affect compass based applications and features.
    Protective front flap is well padded to cushion and absorb any shocks if dropped screen face down.

  • Metal clip system is removable
  • Pocket is Multi-purpose 
  • Light protective layer is Soft Velvet lining
    Cut-out earphone, speaker and camera openings
    Proximity sensor and charge port openings
    Allows you to use SmartPhone while in the case
    Sena craftsmanship and quality is premium

  • Artwizz SeeJacket Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Black

    Artwizz rightly feel the need to protect our technological Gadgets of our desires, and that's our SmartPhones as they deserve the best protection, and why is that?  Simple, they are not cheap, so protect them and do it in style too. Artwizz know it has to be something deserving — a high-quality, cool looking product. That’s what Artwizz provides. Their mission has never changed; they just strive to create great accessories every time.

    Artwizz SeeJacket Leather Flip Case for Apple iPhone 5S - Pink

    Made of real genuine cowhide leather, that come in different versions, providing reliable protection against shocks, wear, bumps, for SmartPhones and thanks to its high quality in every detail.  The SeeJacket Leather FLIP line is made for SmartPhones including iPhone, Samsung, and Sony, with secure clip holders beautiful designs.

    Artwizz SeeJacket Leather Flip Case for Apple iPhone 6 - White
    iPhone 5S - White

    Supplied to you in five different colours and two different leathers and can be operated with just one hand with SeeJacket Leather FLIP +

    The black and matte black case is produced of fine , smooth cowhide but yet aids good grip

    iPhone 5S - Pink
    Artwizz SeeJacket Leather Flip Case for Apple iPhone 5S - Black
    Artwizz SeeJacket Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Black

    For added extra protection the sensitive display screen is protected by the padding on the flip tongue cover.

    iPhone 6 - Black
    iPhone 5C - Black

    Inside the sleeve is a four corner clip Shell into which your SmartPhone snugly and comfortably fits safely.  The front flaps close by magnets, the front of the SmartPhone, Artwizz wants to keep the device you love so much looking and feeling as it is, without scratches, dents or other restraints that can ruin your mobile experience.

    Artwizz SeeJacket Leather Flip Case for Sony_Xperia_Z1_Compact

    The leather comes in the black , white and red . And the inside of the SeeJacket Leather FLIP + comes in the colours black, red and black and matte black made of soft microfiber.

    Case It
    "Case It" cases gives you stylish designed protective devices but yet conveys that minimalist finish and is supplied to you in a wide variety of designs from plain, bold, neutral and bright so here they are different ones to suit all types of Mobile Phone users.
    "Case it" Verticalflip cases protects the front and the back of you SmartPhone, made with high-quality good leather with highest attention to detail to make sure that the minimalist slimlinennes is maintained.

    Case it Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Executive Standard Vertical PU - from Tesco's

    All the buttons, and connector ports are well and effortlessly accessible, and it allows for charging whilst still in the case.  It's Safe, Secure but also very comfortable.  The Magnetic fastening provides even greater security, it not only fits perfectly but it's also very simple to insert and remove when this is required

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