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Our mission is simple: save mobile users time and money by categorizing network tariffs into three user types—Light, Medium, and Heavy.

In your search for Heavy SIM Only Contracts, this division into categories allows users to quickly identify the best SIM Only deals tailored specifically to their usage needs.

By collating all major network providers like Tesco Mobile, Vodafone, GiffGaff, EE, O2, Voxi, and Three making it incredibly easy and simple to compare and choose the right deal. onto a single platform divided into these categories, we eliminate the hassle of visiting multiple sites, thus making your search for the perfect Heavy SIM Only Contracts both effortless and efficient.

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By collating all major network providers like Tesco Mobile, Vodafone, GiffGaff, EE, O2, Voxi, and Three, it makes it incredibly easy and simple to compare and choose the right deal. 


Just for you, they are all on a single platform divided into these categories, we eliminate the hassle of visiting multiple sites, thus making your search for the perfect Heavy SIM Only Contracts both effortless and efficient.

you will save momey with SIM Only everytimeyou will...

Below,Click through to find the provider that speaks to you, and step into a world of smart Mobile usage where you call the shots.

" Who Needs a Heavy SIM Only Deal and Why?"

Heavy SIM Only Contracts are designed for users who demand the most from their mobile network. Whether you are a data-heavy user who streams videos, plays online games frequently, or a professional relying on seamless connectivity for work.

These plans are crafted to support high-demand mobile activities without the worry of running out of data. From tourists exploring the UK’s beautiful heritage to students and professionals relocating for new opportunities, a Heavy SIM Only plan is a sensible choice that aligns with diverse lifestyle needs.

Tesco Clubcard
EE-inclusive extras

Below Are all the Incentive Programs,
Major UK Network Providers and Their Unique Offers for Medium SIM Only Contract Users

Below, many of the Mobile Phone and network companies want to entice new and hold-on to their customers for as long as possible, so to make you sign up to longer contracts, they offer very nice  incentives so often, they offer "free" gifts which one is good and Best For YOU?

gift box

Spotlight on Major UK Network Providers and Their Unique Offers for Heavy SIM Only Contract Users

Tesco Mobile - Seamless Connectivity with Every Transaction

tesco mobile logo. EVERY LITTLE HELPS, Every PENNy HElps.

The supermarket is reminding customers to check their vouchers as £16.9 million worth of vouchers are set to expire at the end of this month. 09/05/2024 act now, dont lose out
Free Gift Box Tesco CLUBcard kEEPSon GiviNG.

With a tesco club card, you can get deals and money off certain items. But without the club card, you would have to pay full price.
Tesco Clubcard. Saves You Money.

 For every £1 you spend on Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go, you get 1 Clubcard point, which you can use for money off your shopping.

Pay with points. Use Clubcard points you collect on your Tesco shopping to get money off phones and plans. 

Get treats with our Reward Partners.

Tesco Mobile not only offers competitive Heavy SIM Only plans but also enhances your experience with Tesco Clubcard points.

Imagine saving on your grocery bills simply by using your mobile plan! And that's not all, as you will.....

Feel the power of Clubcard points where you save with 100+ Reward Partners 

With double data offers when using Tesco Clubcard Plus, no EU roaming fees until 2025, and a robust 99% UK coverage powered by O2, Tesco Mobile exemplifies great savings, freedom, and simplicity in mobile usage.

Tesco Clubcard Plus
piggy bank saving money

Explore Heavy SIM Only Plans at Tesco Mobile.


Safer and faster than public Wi-Fi which means you stop worrying about hackers or snoopers.

12 months







5G is here with Tesco Mobile

Upfront  Cost


Monthly Cost


See more Tesco Sim only Heavy Mobile User Plans

What are the Reasons to Switch to Heavy Sim Only Contracts?

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SIM Only Deals Are Growing in Popularity, what's so good about them?

    Heavy SIM Only plans not only offer the freedom of ample data but also come with cost-effective benefits. These plans typically surpass the regular phone contracts in savings, especially because they don't tie you down to a handset purchase. By focusing on providing generous data and call allowances, Heavy SIM Only Contracts give you the control to use your mobile exactly how you need to, without fearing extra charges or limitations.

: "Tailored Experiences for the Data Hungry"

Red gift box. 

VeryMe Rewards is the loyalty programme for Vodafone mobile customers. 

Every week, it is packed with treats, offers and discounts. 

Plus, in summer, you'll get the chance to win tickets to iconic UK events such as Glastonbury Festival and Wimbledon. to name a few

Vodafone understands the needs of heavy data users. With plans that include perks like VeryMe Rewards and options for entertainment subscriptions, they cater to both your connectivity and your entertainment needs.

Vodafone Global Roaming

What's more, Vodafone Global Roaming lets you take your home plan of data, minutes and texts to 152 destinations worldwide -


Specializing in high data allotments, Vodafone ensures that your streaming and browsing are always speedy and seamless.


Check Out Vodafone's Heavy SIM Only Offerings


vodafone Heavy Tailored to Your Needs








Vodafone 5G

Upfront  Cost


Monthly Cost


See more Vodafone Sim Only Heavy Mobile User Plans

…..What is a SIM only plan?

It’s where you get no actual phone.  You get only A SIM card that has a network price plan that contains a bundle of Texts, Minutes and Data that you pay for monthly.


Then what do you do?


You then insert it into an existing unlocked phone or a new one you've bought. As you don’t pay for any phone, the monthly cost of the plan works out much cheaper compared to a pay monthly handset contract.

pure white image

GiffGaff – "Flexibility Meets Generous Data"


GiffGaff is perfect for those who disdain long-term commitments. Aside from offering hefty data packages suitable for any heavy user, their plans come without fixed-term agreements,


GOODY BAGS”, tailored for the independent and the indecisive, Most importantly? What's mobile tethering and how does it benefit Heavy users?


.....giving the freedom to change or cancel anytime.

This makes GiffGaff highly appealing to international students and temporary residents in the UK.


Browse GiffGaff, Flexible Heavy SIM Only Contracts!


Giffgaff full flexibilty SIMcard




20 pound GoodyBag





Giffgaff 5G

Upfront  Cost


Monthly Cost


Browse Giffgaff Flexible Heavy SIM Only Contracts

Not sure of the benefits of switching when considering switching to SIM only?

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1. You get to keep your number

    Keeping and carrying your number with you is a very easy process, especially if it’s an important number, for instance you may want to switch to a new network, to do this, you'll need a PAC code – which you can get before or after you order your new SIM only plan.

    The PAC code allows you to keep your existing mobile number when switching to SIM only at the end of your contract.

pac code request sequence

EE–"Supreme Connectivity Speed and Exclusive xtras for You"


EE’s reputation for fast connectivity is unmatched, especially with their introduction of 5G networks.


For Heavy users who prioritize streaming high-quality media or gaming on the go...And EE don't stop here


Just look at this...EE Reward Schemes - Information on loyalty rewards and how to redeem them


EE offers inclusive extras like Netflix and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, adding significant value to their Heavy SIM Only deals, just for you.

EE-inclusive extras

Time for superfast internet speeds with the fastest mobile network is Now with EE for Heavy users!


EE fast Speeds

1 month







5G superfast internet speeds

Upfront  Cost


Monthly Cost


See more EE  Premium Heavy SIM Only Contracts

2. Data Only SIMs

You can get a dedicated Data Only SIM-Only deal for SIM-enabled mobile, tablets, laptops and broadband routers.

pure white image

O2–"Unlocking Priority Experiences Beyond Connectivity"

Red gift box, that keeps on giving
Rewards on O2. Each week you can choose one free snack from your favourite Greggs classics.

Trips to the movies. Get two Vue tickets for just £9, at any location across the UK. 

Plus get 20% off cinema treats. ...

    Entertainment at home? No Problem, 

 Save on Disney+ each month.
O2 sim only card, offers great promotions and discounts for a range of high-street stores, restaurants and events.

O2 turns every pound spent into a window to new experiences. Their O2 Priority gives Heavy SIM Only users access to exclusive events and offers.

O2 Priority
O2-PRIORITY-CELEBRATING-Mobile-PhonesO2 Celebrate Cool Good times And With The Gang

A must have choice recommended by those who love adding a touch of culture and excitement to their ordinary phone plan. What does this mean for you?.....


…making this plans not just about connectivity but about enriching your lifestyle.

Best suited for those who enjoy cultural and entertainment perks alongside their hefty data allowance.


In addition, O2 expanded their 5G network and increased the strength of their 4G network, and continue to do so.

GET priority event booking, and more with O2’s Heavy Sim Only Contracts!


O2 Exclusive Perks from O2

1 month







Get 5G Priority

Upfront  Cost


Monthly Cost


Explore Exclusive Heavy SIM Only Deals with O2


3. Everything's Flexible with lots of freedom

If you want to explore and try new networks, SIM-Only plans will allow you to do this where you can choose a 30 day plan on Heavy Sim Only Contracts.

...What does this mean for you?

It means you’re not tied into a long contract. You may need a second SIM for a while, could be for business or need it for travelling. 

SIM only just means you are not locked into a 2 year contract. Its all about your needs at any given time or place where you can pick SIM onlys that last just a month, a year or more.

Bussiness Travel
pure white image

Voxi:"Endless Social Media Without Limits"...

Voxi Endless Social Media, dont be shy get it, not now or never,but, NOW OR NOW

 Voxi’s specializes in keeping you online where you socialize the most—on social media.

VOXI Customer Retention Claim freebies every month with VOXI Drop. VOXI’s award winning loyalty programme.
voxi sim card, VOXI is a Vodafone brand so  powered by the same fast, reliable network at home and abroad.

be extra sure you'll get amazing Distinguished coverage almost everywhere you go. Now's The Time aCT Now


Red gift box? With Unlimited Social Media on all plans.

you get Sensational unlimited use of these social apps and websites in the UK without eating your data: 

From Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook Messenger. And more

Their "endless" social media feature lets you use popular apps without touching your data allowance.

whatsapp messenger twitter

VOXI UNLIMITED MUSIC allows you to stream all your favourite songs, playlists, with Unlimited Music from VOXI. Forget searching for Wi-Fi, or downloading songs to your phone...

youtube NetFlix. Endless Video' plans, giving new and existing customers unlimited data to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, My5, TVPlayer and UKTV Play. 

Every VOXI plan is flexible and contract-freeUnlimited Video Streaming
instagram“Living my best life.”

It’s a haven for users who are heavy on social media but want to preserve their data for other uses. ...Don't Miss OUT...

Don't Hesitate Save Money, Act Quickly Now's The Time Now Order

Why wait?..you cant run out of data for social media again with Voxi’s endless social media benefits, Now thats A Heavy Drop!


voxi sim card, VOXI is a Vodafone brand so  powered by the same fast, reliable network at home and abroad.

be extra sure you'll get amazing Distinguished coverage almost everywhere you go. Now's The Time aCT Now













Click Here for Voxi’s Social-friendly Medium Plans, Now's The Time

Why would someone choose a SIM-Only contract? A The Great Reasons.

NOW! Click Below....

4. Gift It

A SmartPhone or a tablet is a very nice gift to someone, it could be to a family member, loved one or good friend-when it comes with a SIM only plan already inside ready for use, it will make the gift even greater:)

Plus in addition you are also gifting them freedom and flexibility, not mentioning the savings you’ll be providing just with the SIM-Plan on its own, saving on the monthly costs of a contract phone will surely be appreciated.

pure white image

Three: Join Three+ for Unhindered Connectivity Across All Fronts!

Three-plus, Three+ Customer Rewards program Enjoy exclusive offers Three+ Download the rewards app to get amazing offers on brands you love, like Café Nero, Cineworld, Uber Eats, and more.
gift boxThe Gift That Keeps on Giving

Three stands out with its straightforward, truly unlimited data offers and rewards.


Three+ rewards app, Download  it to get top offers from the UK’s biggest brands, such as Uber Eats, Cineworld, Caffè Nero – just to mention a few offers, you must treat yourself.

Truly Unlimited Data With No Limits - 
Three Truly Unlimited. Unlimited data, minutes and texts. No data caps, speed limits, or fair usage policy.

—ideal for the heaviest of data users who stream and download incessantly.

Three believe that if you need data, you should get data. No questions asked....


Whether you're part of a large household or a data-reliant professional, Three supports your intensive usage without boundaries.

Three’s Limitless Heavy Sim Only Deals, with high-speed data and No Caps, Just Unlimited Truth


Advanced Network with Three

12 months







5G Unlimited Heavy SIM Only Options

Upfront  Cost


Monthly Cost


Check Out Three’s Unlimited Heavy SIM Only Options

second-phone-numberSide Phone Number

5. You may not want it, but YOU you Need a Second Phone number for that reason?

Do you need a Second Phone number for any reason and you don’t want it to interfere with your main number?  You dont want it to get in the way of your nomal life?

Dual SIM Phones

....and also

SIM only plans are the best and probably the only solution for this as you can use them in an unlocked phone you already have on any network you see fit for you..

holding two phonesSide Emergency Phone

6. You Will Have Far More SmartPhone Models To Choose From


You find out that you can’t get the phone you’ve been waiting for, the one you really want, why?

The network you’re with doesn’t support the model or its not going to be released in your country, solution? 

Release and free yourself by using a SIM-Only deal as it gives you the flexibility to buy any Phone you want, when you want and from anywhere you want.

All SIM-Free Phones are unlocked and you'll find they work just fine with SIM-Only, all over the world.


Choice...is yours

7. Your monthly bill Reduces and you save money

SIM-Only provides you the freedom so that you are no longer held-back from buying that exotic SmartPhone you saw on YouTube – you will no longer be held-down to just the models of SmartPhone that the networks offer.

Make sure you order the right size of simcard, standard.....micro......nano

simcards-white-three sizes-sim-only

To say it Simply, SIM only customers pay less than handset contract customers. Why? Simple, there is no handset to pay for.  Nice n Sweet.

Disadvantages of SIM-only contracts.

Wow only two.......

  • you provide the phone.
  • you'll need to unlock the phone if changing networks.


Heavy App UserS

Heavy Sim Only Contracts for a Heavy Mobile phone users-This kind off user :-

  • heavily relies on the phone for both entertainment and as a means of communication.
  • use mobiles as their primary Internet source.

  • send and receive quite a few daily emails. 
  • watch videos online many times a week and are most likely to download many applications, games and music.
  • make a lot of calls and are heavy users of text messaging.

What and who is considered a heavy phone user?

Up to 6-8 hours of SmartPhone usage (on screen time, talk time, etc) is considered heavy usage.

EAT lots of DATA

Heavy users, use the Smartphone in an intensive way, that is, above average, how does this relate to the generations and how much data they use?  They generally represent less than a third of Mobile Phone users.

Smartphone for heavy usageOnly Heavy Usage Phones Allowed

Data needs and requirements is still the bottom line for Heavy Users or it could be all about screen-time on the phone on a daily bases across the generations and then we can see if there is a link between Data usage and the generations.

Ok no one is shocked that millennials seem to have the most screen-time on the Mobile, whil.....

Boomers have the least with 2.6 hours of screen-time on the Mobile.

Gen X with 3.1 hours and

3.8 hours a day, for millennials

tikbearYes......This app

This means millennials spend around 58 days each year on their phones; Gen X about 46 days and boomers spend 39 days as of Nov 2020.

So millennials and Gen X seem to be leading when it comes to heavy Data needs, to support and mirror their daily Mobile activity.

call of duty mobile

However, there is a new contender to the throne of the biggest Heavy users of Data the world has ever seen….

  • Generation Z or iGen: Born 1997–2010.
  • Millennial Generation or Generation Y: Born 1981–1996.
  • Generation X: Born 1965–1980.
  • Baby Boom Generation: Born 1946–1964.
  • The Silent Generation: Born 1928–1945.
  • The Greatest Generation (GI Generation): Born 1901–1924.

Is the golden age of the Millennial almost over?


Generation Z, are under the age of 26, and are the first true “digital natives” — In fact it's like this group grew-up with SmartPhones in their hands from birth......

......and have merged with the internet. Gen Zs are more or less 40% of mobile users, and are by far, the biggest consumers of video content.

Generation Z BabyGen Z’s playground is the internet, and are very good at it
Sony Xperia 10 III 5GSony Xperia 10 III 5G

Many and most of this Gen Z, have never known life without Unlimited Heavy Data Access to the internet and the number one tool of choice to access the internet is no doubt the....

netflixlogo...n Chill

.... premium flagship mobiles, the very best mobile manufacturers have to offer, SmartPhones of which they restlessly crave not just as their primary vehicle....


.....for social interaction and entertainments (from YouTube to, you know the rest) but also for shopping on-line.

Let’s just say they are not called iGen for nothing, they spend more time online than any other generation combined.

Using internet Applications and features to answer their burning questions several times daily, heavy users love the latest technology and features, that support the way they use a phone, and are happy to take web browsing on the road and don't mind paying for the privilege of being able to surf anywhere anytime, they demand total freedom of usage, unlimited packages are made for these type of users.

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