Bluetooth Speakers

Magnify your audio experience from your SmartPhone through portable Bluetooth speakers. But look at it this way, you do not need to spend big money to get better, bigger quality sound, why? Using our SmartPhones as entertainment devices for playing games, watching TV, video and films, listening to music, radio and audio-books is increasing; so we will review Some best of brands budget speakers, but do take note that they will not produce studio-quality sound, but one thing's for sure, they will provide you a far better audio experience than is possible from your Mobile device.

As a standard, when you're out and about headphones are a must-have either using it to listen to music or to aid hands-free functionality of your phone, for instance helping you make and receive calls (phoneismobile has rounded up the best cheap headphones and best high-end premium headphones) however when you are at home chillaxing, you should make the most of your audio experience with a Bluetooth portable speaker.

We have made it nice and easy with reviewing the best of brands of budget speakers and high-end wireless speakers that you can buy for less than £100.

At the end of the day You can pay hundred (even thousands, yes that's right thousands) of pounds on such devices, however as brilliant as they may be, only the fanatic true quality sound music lovers and the rich will be able to do so. To start with we're setting our scope much lower at first, with £120 the cut-off to start with, then working our way up to the really good stuff.

Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speakers

Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker

How's this for versatile functionality in a portable speaker, A built-in microphone that allows you to use it as a hands-free speakerphone when making and receiving calls, however using it for music is much more fun, at around £79.99, And don't be deceived by the small size, why?  It sounds way much louder and bassier than the size would suggest. It connects wirelessly to your SmartPhone through Bluetooth plus the speaker is so slim and small enough to slide into your pocket or bag allowing you to take it with you, wherever you and your phone goes.

The Sony SRS-BTM8 - Portable

For just around £85, this wireless Bluetooth Sony speaker, give a lot more than its price might suggest. It’s well designed, for a start.  The controls are well arranged in line with the the top pane efficiently designed to simultaneously form a smart carry-handle that makes and forms the top fan shaped frame, while this allows it's minimalist clean look.

The Sony SRS-BTM8 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Cambridge Audio Go

At around £99 the Cambridge Audio Go he successor to the Minx Go delivers a fresh finish and new features like USB-charging, the aptX Bluetooth codec, NFC connectivity and more. an a very good lithium-ion battery life of around 18 hours while still having the 3.5mm aux input, it produces punchy and detailed sound to accommodate all music genres audio-efficiently to suit all Mobile Phone, this is what makes this Bluetooth speaker a winner.

Cambridge Audio Go - White Bluetooth Speaker
Samsung M5 - Bluetooth Speaker

The triangular speaker design layout allows good sound distribution and in addition while the M5 can be used flat or vertically using the stand actually helps improve bass output of the M5.

And now for the cherry on top; when you get on the network, while using it with the Samsung Multi-room app, this Bluetooth speaker M5 really shows you what it's made of. Play any music any room any time, set up the music network that's right for you, start the app set the M series speakers, now you're ready to play music in any room any time, allows you to control multiple speakers throughout the whole house, available for Android and iOS, Which means your friends and family can play their music on your M Series speaker system, even allows you to access your music from your PC, tablet, laptop and other devices.

Samsung M5

it’s one of the cheapest wireless speakers at around £99 for its standard and capabilities, as this Bluetooth speaker is one packed with a long list of features and functional capabilities, like NFC connectivity, built-in wi-fi, DLNA certification covering Bluetooth and even internet radio.
So in other words this is a wireless speaker that must be tried why? It's so much fun and packs performance. So with this speaker at this standard there is not much more you could wont in a wireless speaker at this price.

Now here comes the extra premium this speaker offers; you get very easy access to music tunes that's stored on DLNA devices on the same network both locally plus internet radio through the TuneIn Radio service including popular streaming services, all very easily accessible at your finger.

Bluetooth Speakers can be Really Small

The bottom line is that, its connectivity is so versatile it's like a one-stop shop for your streaming needs. Not enough space to mention all the attributes of the M5.

Looks unique, different from what you'd expect, at £175  The Pure Jongo S3 looks far from what traditional hi-fi equipment look like. What otherRegular kit do you know that have multicoloured, interchangeable speaker grilles.  It doesn't feature a premium  sub-woofer and four tweeters or supply ten hours of battery life.  However do take note that the S3 when it comes to performance,matches up with decent traditional kit in performance, so much so that theheavy-sound does a good job of spreading well over a good-sized room.  

Pure Jongo, all Colours - Bluetooth Speakers

The Pure Jongo S3 allows you to stream with Bluetooth via the dongle that's included.  In addition to this Wi-fi streaming is also available through the Pure Connect app for iOS and Android. And the cherry on top, you can connect multiple Jongos (Jongo T2) together to give you a multi-room set-up via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi,  this function is what sets it apart from others.

Beats By Dr. Dre Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Tap two Beats Pills together to play the same song, basically TAP. PAIR. PLAY.  It's that easy.  With your phone, Simply tap your phone to the Beats Pill and make an instant connection.  Further more, you can also stereo your music by taping the Beats Pills together twice, this two tap action simply makes one B eats Pill speaker the left output and the other the right output.

Beats Pills is versatile, let's say your Phone is critically low on battery , guess what, you can use the Beats Pill to give it some juice.  Plus It’s lightweight and small enough to fit in your bag or pocket. 

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