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OK you got your Smart phone  that's got all the bells, brimming with high tech, sleek and cool has all the gadgets, But what about the music from your phone whats the quality like and how do you enjoy your music, what delivers the sound to your ears,  of curse this is after you've gotten over how sick (means good) your phone is, and with the just-functional head phones that don't do justice to what sound quality the smartphone can pump out, one could almost call it sound abuse for the sound savvy. 

Look, the bottom line is if you have a smart phone especially if its a super flagship, and you've only used the headsets that came with the phone, then you are missing out big time, or it may be that your not a music lover or just not fussy about hearing the hidden sounds beneath, after all -at the end of the day, you took your time and effort picking the perfect phone and obviously the money shelled out out for it.

Suffice to say that in terms of headsets for smart phones, a Bluetooth Headset, we feel could probably be the best accessory to compliment a smartphone as it gives %100 accessibility with no hindrance in anyway shape of form, as in wireless,with the top Bluetooth Headset allowing calls to be made and answered, control sound volume and other functions with out even needing to touch your phone.  It’s important but not vital to explore the major capabilities of a smartphone, sound-output  being one of the majors, it could be nice to explore these capabilities, that's if you're not doing it already.

Bluetooth Headset means you can stay hands free, with phoneismobile's selection of Bluetooth Headsets and ear-pieces for Mobile Phones (with Bluetooth capabilities) and Smartphones including all the iPhones, all the Samsung Galaxy Range and more, HTC, Nokia (Microsoft),  and other Smartphones. Want something extra?  and if you really want to go to town and abuse sound loudness (in excellent quality) you can also think about looking at some Bluetooth speakers 

You can just complete your Smartphone with a Bluetooth Headset.

Shopping tips for buying Bluetooth Headset

And that's before you get into questions of on-ear, in-ear or over ear. Which type of headphones you prefer will depend on your physical shape, your needs, your musical taste, and the size of your wallet.

If you really are strapped for cash, check out some budget headphones where all entries are under £50.

The types of headphones on offer are fairly self-explanatory but in-ears are small earbuds which you put into your ear canal, on-ear headphones have a headband but the cup sits on your ear while over-ear have larger cups so encompass your ear. Most headphones are wired but you can also get ones with Bluetooth to get a wire-free experience.

Regardless, here are the pick of all the headphones  reviewed that are on the market. Best headphones for value, audio and for exercise, best Bluetooth wireless headphones, and so on.

Best earphones: Bluetooth Headset for smartphones

iT7s2-Wireless Sport in-ear Earphones £99 inc VAT

Comfortable to use, well built and offering decent if not great audio, there's not a lot to dislike about the iT7s2. They are easy to use and offer decent battery life. Our only real quibbles are the generally poor quality of almost all Bluetooth audio, and the price. But you can't really go wireless and complain about the former, and in the post-Beats world a hundred quid is actually pretty reasonable. A good, solid headset for the gym.

Make and receive hands-free voice calls from any Bluetooth-enabled phone with the in-built microphone.  It useS Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone, iT7 claims a talk time of up to eight hours, music playback of up to seven hours and a standby time of up to 180 hours.

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